How do win10 disks remove BitLocker encryption win10 remove BitLocker encryption method


Under win10 system, some friends will find that their computer disk is encrypted by BitLocker, resulting in difficulties in reinstalling the system, as follows! Use dikgenius to find that BitLocker encryption is displayed on drive C, so how to remove the encryption? Come and have a look if you need it.

Win10 remove BitLocker encryption method

Operating steps: decrypting BitLocker is not complicated. You just need to right-click Disk C, and then select manage BitLocker – close BitLocker in the right-click menu~

Note: if BitLocker is enabled by right clicking as shown in the figure below, it should be enabled first and then turned off.

As shown in the figure above, although Disk C has been encrypted, BitLocker encryption is enabled when you right-click disk C.

The steps of decryption after encryption are as follows:

1. Right click encryption to start the encryption step.

2. Activate BitLocker encryption

3. Set password encryption;

4. After encryption, right-click Disk C to manage BitLocker – close BitLocker

5. After the close interface appears, click Close and enter the password.

6. Decryption is in progress. Let’s wait!

BitLocker of this win10 system disk has been decrypted successfully!