How do UltraEdit files add bookmarks?


In the process of editing UltraEdit, you need to add bookmarks to the current file. How do you add bookmarks? See below for details.

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Chinese version v14.20.0 Green Classic Special Edition in Ultra Edit Edit Editor
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1. First, you need to add the file to the bookmark, double-click UltraEdit to open a file that needs to be bookmarked.

2. Selecting a NeedLines that add bookmarks.

3. Then ClickUltra Edit menuMediumsearchOptions of ____________.

4. After clicking on the search menu, a drop-down menu is popped up and selected asbookmarkOptions of ____________.

5. Click on the bookmark option and pop up the drop-down menu and select the ___________ astoggle bookmarkOptions of ____________.

6. The selected rows you can see are bookmarked.

This is the UltraEdit file line code bookmarking tutorial, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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