How do two computers transfer files to each other through a USB cable?


Use data cable to connect two computers together. You can’t transfer things to each other. Connect two computers to the same router with network cable or WiFi. After setting up LAN sharing, you can transfer files to each other.

1. Both computers are connected to the same router.

2. Right clickDesktop networking — properties — change advanced sharing settings

3. Select public network – select the following options:Start network discovery — start file and printer sharing — enable sharing so that users who can access the network can read and write files in the public folder (optional) — turn off password protected sharing (other options use the default value)

4. Save and confirm.

5. Select the folder or drive letter to share,Right click – properties

6. OpenShared tab—-choiceShare—Pop up dialog – add“Guest “– sharing

7. ChoiceAdvanced sharing—-ChoiceShare this file—-Confirm

8. On another computerDouble click to open the network, and the shared folder or drive letter will appear.

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