How do post-90s interns grow into Alibaba cloud distributed NoSQL experts


I’m Yizheng, Wang Huaiyuan. Now I’m the research and development of Alibaba cloud storage service team. It’s the May 4th Youth Day. I’m invited by yunqi community to share my growth story. From my first Alibaba cloud internship five years ago to now, I have been working in the table store team, participating in the research and development of distributed NoSQL. In addition, I am also a post-90s born in 1993. I was once the youngest person in the team, and it was only in the recent year that I began to be broken. Looking back on my experience in recent years, it is a process from an intern to a core member of the team, from an algorithm competitor to a distributed NoSQL expert.

How do post-90s interns grow into Alibaba cloud distributed NoSQL experts

Student time

Like many students in the team, I love learning since I was a child. From primary school to freshman year, I was the first in my class. Speaking of learning programming, I started from high school. When I was in the first year of high school, the school also started to organize competitions in various subjects. I chose the information science competition to start learning algorithms and programming. Why choose Informatics, probably because junior high school read too many stories of technology companies, my heart also yearns to one day be able to participate in the wave of technology. I started to learn programming at the end of 2008, and Alibaba cloud was founded in 2009.

Learning computer competition is to exercise the basic skills of algorithm and data structure, and to train people’s thinking ability. At that time, I always had an algorithm book in my arms before lunch break, and I would nibble at it a little bit. Even when I turned out the light at night, I would take a flashlight to look at it for a while. Later, the level gradually went up. It was almost the level of more than a dozen people in the province at that time. They began to prepare for the provincial team selection, met a lot of big bulls, and participated in a national competition on behalf of Shandong Province. In the middle, they went to Tsinghua University to invite several national gold medals before them to give separate lectures. Faced with the pressure and uncertainty of college entrance examination in senior three, I chose to go to my sister’s common alma mater, Xi’an Jiaotong University with the help of the competition.

Days of internship in Ali

When I was a sophomore, alicloud was recruited by a friend school of ACM team in my senior year. When I learned about what I had done here, I also yearned for alicloud very much. I often asked about the situation here. Just before the summer vacation, the team was recruiting interns, so they pushed me inside. After several rounds of interviews, I got an offer. After I got the offer, I began to soak in the library to understand what Feitian is doing, what is the distributed system and what is NoSQL.

The first time I came to Alibaba cloud for internship, I felt that the team was very rigorous and academic. Many documents and code comments are in English. Those who come in need to read the BigTable paper first, and then have a lot of knowledge about the distributed system before they can understand what you said in the meeting. Writing code needs to go through strict review and unit test, and before the development of new functions, I need to write perfect design documents, which makes me develop a good habit of development. What’s more, there are too many things to learn here. I come to the company every day with a learner’s mind, learn the technology here, feel the team culture, understand the characteristics and business value of our products, and put what I have learned into practice in my work, and write a good line of code.

In the summer vacation of 2014, I came to Alibaba cloud to practice again, and I am still the same team. I remember that I just came here a few days ago and asked me to be responsible for the asynchronous interface and performance optimization of the Java SDK. At last, the performance of the SDK increased by 10 times, which can save customers a lot of costs. The Java SDK has also become the benchmark of our language SDKs.


Join Alibaba and strive for the journey of cloud
After graduation in 15 years, we officially joined Alibaba cloud. At that time, Baia was called the “May 4th team”, which means the youth of May 4th Movement and started a new journey. After the formal work, I hope to do more in technology. In the original internship, I mainly did module development, a breakthrough point by point. Now, I hope to grow into a full stack development and domain expert of distributed system from point to face. On the other hand, Alibaba cloud needs to develop rapidly, each development is carrying a business goal, and the team has some personnel adjustments. Some people’s modules began to be handed over to me, some important projects also need my participation, and I began to take on greater responsibilities.

In the words of the directors at that time, I became a commando, and the most difficult time was when people grew fastest, and I gradually grew from a commando to the main force of the team. In this process, I realized that technicians need to have the ability of the whole stack, the sense of responsibility and the honing of difficult projects, and also need to constantly summarize and share. We also summarized the solutions formed in the process of supporting business. Last year, we launched a white paper on tablestore scenarios, which summarizes the solutions for using tablestore in various scenarios, such as social, Internet of things, logistics, public opinion, meteorology, etc., which are the practical summary of our technology to various fields and solve problems in various fields.

In the era of life, we need to lay a good foundation, so that we can more easily see and grasp the opportunity. After seizing the opportunity, we need to prepare early and reserve relevant knowledge and skills in advance.

At the beginning of work, we need to develop a good habit, take every work seriously, strive to use the best technology and code to realize every small module, constantly study and learn, and solve the problems encountered independently.

After the module development, it needs to change from point to face, from module development to full stack development and domain experts; it needs to take the initiative to take responsibility, dare to challenge more difficult and complex projects; it needs to adhere to technical summary and sharing, and adhere to writing technical articles to hone and improve its soft skills.

Finally, we need a good team, excellent colleagues, continuous support and encouragement to your supervisor, continuous development of business and rich technical challenges. Fortunately, we all have it here.

Our team

Alibaba cloud storage provides secure, reliable, low-cost and elastic expansion storage services. It is widely used in disaster recovery backup, mobile application, online education, audio and video, picture and material download, security monitoring, file storage and other fields. With other alicloud products, it can effectively help you solve many business problems, such as massive data archiving and online backup, data processing, accelerated content distribution, business data mining and analysis, and illegal data monitoring.
• provide stable and secure cloud storage services around the world to meet the requirements of enterprise level storage.
Rich and complete storage product lines, including object storage OSS, block storage, shared file storage NAS, shared block storage, table storage, archive storage and hybrid cloud storage series.
Provide online and offline data relocation services, data disaster recovery, backup services, etc. Meet customer needs for any storage.
• entered the magic quadrant of global cloud storage in two years, and joined AWS, Microsoft and Google in the top four core fields.

In the future, our team will also welcome a lot of fresh blood. We warmly welcome more people with dreams to define the next generation of cloud storage services with us. Come and fight with us!

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