How do laptops turn on WiFi hotspots?



1. Press Win + R to open the running window and enter CMD. Open a command prompt window.


2. Enter “Netsh WLAN set hosted network mode = allow SSID = mewifi key = Yunwei” in the command prompt, and then press enter to wait for the setting to complete. Do not close the window after completion. It will be used later.

SSID is the name of the WiFi hotspot, and key is the password of the WiFi hotspot



3. Right click “local connection” and select to open “property” setting interface. Or (control panel – network and Internet – network and sharing center)



3. Click the “share” tab, check “allow other network users to connect to the network through this computer’s Internet connection”, then select “wireless network connection 2” in the drop-down list, and click “OK”.


4. When finished, return to the “network connection” interface and check whether the “network, shared” character appears under “local connection”. If it appears, the setting is successful; otherwise, repeat the above operation.


5. Finally, turn on the WiFi hotspot and enter “Netsh WLAN start hosted network” in the command prompt window



6. Then click the “network” icon on the right side of the taskbar to see if there are WiFi hotspots, or use your mobile phone to see if WiFi hotspots are available.


matters needing attention

If you need to turn off the WiFi hotspot, use the command “Netsh WLAN stop hosted network”.