How do I set up a screen saver for Mac? Mac screensaver tutorial


How do I use the MAC screen saver? To put it bluntly, the service will start the default screensaver, which means that no matter what the screensaver is set in the preferences desktop and screensaver, you can find and modify it through the apple menu. The best way to use it is to use the password protection function, so that when you plan to leave the keyboard or desktop, you can protect your desktop even by tapping the keyboard.

  How do I quickly launch a Mac screen saver?

Part I: using automata to create screensaver system service

1. Locate and start the automata in the / applications / directory

2. Choose to create a new service

3. Search for start screen saver in the search dialog box and drag the search results to the right sidebar panel.

4. Modify the service receipts to no input.

5. Select save in the file menu and provide a meaningful name. Here, we use start screen saver as the service name.

So far, you have created a system service to start the screensaver. You need to assign a shortcut key to bind the service. Don’t forget to ensure that the shortcut key is unique and easy to remember.

Part II: set the shortcut key for starting the start screen saver service.

1. Open system preferences from the apple menu.

2. Check the keyboard properties panel and locate the shortcuts tab.

3. Select services service from the left sidebar.

4. Find our newly created service start screen saver and click the add shortcut button to set a shortcut key. In this example, we use control + Command + option + down to start the screensaver. Of course, you can choose this freely.

5. Exit the system preferences and use the shortcut key to test and start the screensaver.

You can use the set shortcut key, and he will open the screensaver immediately. When using this shortcut key as a variant of the lock screen, make sure you have set the lock screen password and enter the password when you need to wake up the Mac. These should be modified in the “general” tab of the security privacy security property panel.

  matters needing attention:

Remember, you can use the hot corners function to start the screensaver. For some people, it’s easier to remember than hitting the keyboard. You can activate the hot corner function immediately by simply moving the mouse to the corner and edge of the screen.