How do I set the time for my computer to sleep?


Computer sleep is a new energy-saving mode of computer from working state to waiting state. It is a newly added system function in Windows Vista and windows 7 operating system. The opening method is to click the pull-down arrow on the right side of the power button in the start menu of the computer system and select the “sleep” button. When the sleep state is turned on, all the work of the system will be saved in a system file under the hard disk, and the power supply of all devices except the memory will be turned off at the same time.

In modern society, the use of computers has become more and more common. Almost every family has one or two computers, so we must learn some simple computer operations. Many times, we will be troubled by the problem of computer sleep. We need to change the settings of computers. Let’s have a look.


1. First, open the interface of the control panel of our computer. General computers can be found on the desktop, or in the customization in the lower right corner. After opening the control panel options, we will see the following interface to find the power options.

After turning on the power option, you will see the following interface. We will see that there is an option on the left to change the sleep time of the computer. Click on it.

After clicking the computer sleep time, the following interface will pop up, which not only changes the sleep time, but also has other power settings.

Choose the computer sleep time you want to set, in fact, more than ten minutes is more appropriate, if you have anything to use the computer.

Remember to save after setting, otherwise it will be set in vain, or it will not solve your problem.

The above is how to set the computer sleep time method, the operation is very simple, you can follow the above steps to operate, hope this article can help you!