How do I port Java projects to. Net 5.0


With  IP location Library  The author‘s “childhood dream” has come true again. In order to distribute this hard won database, the author found  ip2region  project The project provides a file format of offline IP location database with small volume and fast query speed, and provides query clients supported by multiple languages. However, the author of ip2region project does not provide database file generation code other than Java. The author intends to transplant the database file generator of. Net 5.0 for this project, and record the migration process in this paper.

Preparation before transplantation

Java database generator for ip2region  The code is not complicated. There are only 8 source code files. According to the author’s shallow Java experience, because c# is generally similar to Java, there is no need to change the structure and name of the program or adjust the processing logic during the migration process. What the transplant needs to do is to make the program compile and pass, basically even if it is successful.