How do I open the computer task manager?


Usually in the process of using the computer, we often use the task manager. For example, if a program dies, you can open the task manager to end it. How can the computer task manager open and view it? Let’s introduce it to you. Let’s have a look!

Tools / raw materials

Take windows 8.1 with update as an example; System task manager; Process; Occupancy rate.

Method 1:

The shortcut key combination “Ctrl + Shift + ESC”, the well-known direct call shortcut, directly calls out the task manager;


Then you can view or end the software process and check the hardware occupancy rate.



Method 2:

The shortcut key combination “Ctrl + Alt + delete”, the system after Vista adds other functions as shown in the figure, and the call out function menu includes task manager;


Click “task manager” on the open menu.


Method 3:

Or you can right-click directly on the taskbar to quickly open the task manager.


The above are three ways to open and view the computer task manager. I hope it can be helpful to you!