How do I change the MAC app icon? Mac modification application icon graphic tutorial


Want to change the icon for your Mac app? Want to let your Mac device experience OS 10.10 beautiful resort system? Want you to try IOS style on your Mac? Or you can customize the MAC app icon.

The method is very simple. Download the icon you need, and then select the program you want to modify the icon – display package content – contents – resources. Find the original icon – get a new overlay.

First, you need to download the corresponding ICNs icon. For example, let’s try itOS X 10.10 beta System Icon

Of course, the file name should be consistent. It is strongly recommended to keep the original file in case it cannot be returned. After the change, restart!

In addition: if a program has been set to keep on the dock, the icon on the dock will not change after modification. Therefore, clear the relevant files on the dock before restarting.

It’s easy to modify other applications. It’s a little different to modify the Finder Icon.

First, click the desktop and press command-shift-g. Enter / system / resource library /coreservices, confirm and click to go.

Then right click dock to display the package contents. Then enter contents – 《 resources 》 to find [email protected] And finder Png these two files Change the file name, and then copy the prepared new file into it. Keep the original file name.

Finally, open the terminal and enter kill dock to take effect. The following figure is an example.