How do I add SELinux permissions


SELinux is a mandatory access control (MAC) system provided in the 2.6 Linux kernel.StarpoolSELinux is the most comprehensive and fully tested Linux security module currently available

Yes, it is based on 20 years of MAC research. SELinux combines multi-level security or an optional multi class policy in the type enforcement server, and adopts role-based access control. Ideas and opinions from all over the world made him feel the power of the community, which is of great significance to him. At first, he was also worried that commercial organizations would abuse code and destroy the open source features of Linux, but he thought so (“what the hell”). There are an estimated 1.5 billion activated Android devices, and your software is in each. That’s great. You have to have some amazing software headquarters to drive all this.StarpoolThat’s what I thought – I was shocked when I saw a picture of it. I mean, this is – this is the Linux world headquarters. Because working in this way, you can run this huge technology Empire – it’s an empire – so this is an amazing proof of the power of open source. Tell us how you understand open source and how it enables Linux development.