How do I add checkboxes to a VisualStudio page?


If you want to make a check box in VisualStudio, how to add a check box, let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Visual Studio 2017 official version (with offline installation package) official website simplified Chinese version
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1. Open an existing web page with Visual Studio, in this example, the TwoFish websiteDefault.aspxA web page.

2, findThe body tagUnder theDiv tags, as shown below.

3. First of all, inDiv tagsDown, input controlCheckbox formatThe code.

4. Among them,heightFor the height of the entire check box,widthInclude the width of the text for the entire check box.

5、Check boxThe contrast from the top of the page is 25 pixels, and the distance from the left is125 pixels, the distance from the right is set asautomatic

6. Next, define the checkboxColor format, to the leftA benchmarkAnd the color is blue.

7. Then, define the check box, the type of the check box ischeckbox, named select.

8. Finally, setCheck box text format, the code is shown below.

9. Font size of the text,Set it to number 20

10. The font color of the text is blue, and the code is shown below.

11. The text content of the check box is selected, and the code is written inThe font standardSign in.

12, browse the web in the browser, you can see in the page added aCheck box, click to select it.

Those are the tutorials for VisualStudio to add checkboxes. Enjoy and stay developpaer.

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