How do computers set up dynamic desktops? Computer Setup Dynamic Video Desktop Graphics Course


Most computer friends’desktop is a static picture wallpaper, and many friends certainly do not know that the desktop wallpaper can actually be dynamic, or even dynamic video with sound. Today, the “developpaer” editor will teach you how to set up a dynamic computer desktop, interested friends, might as well come together to get up.

Computer Setup Dynamic Video Desktop Graphics Course

First of all, we need to download and install a dynamic desktop software in the computer. At present, there are many software here, such as Wallpaper Engine, Firefly Video Desktop and so on. This paper takes Firefly Video Desktop Software as an example to teach you how to set up dynamic desktop wallpaper.

1. Search and download the dynamic desktop software on the Internet. After downloading, double-click the installation directly, as shown in the figure.

When installing, it should be noted that this software may be bundled with third-party browser software. If not, remember to check the front of the bundled software installation, as shown in the figure.

Secondly, after opening the software, select your favorite dynamic video on the left, and then click on the “Set it as a desktop background” on the right, as shown in the figure.

If you think you have fewer dynamic video desktop styles, you can also click on the “download” below or import your own videos or other ways to download small videos, which is even cooler.

The above is a computer setting dynamic video desktop graphics tutorial, hoping to help you. This tutorial supports XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 mainstream systems. If you want your desktop to be more cool, setting dynamic desktop wallpaper will be very personalized. Of course, using dynamic desktop wallpaper will increase some memory burden. If it affects your fluency, it is recommended to uninstall or upgrade computer memory.