How do computers enter BIOS? Shortcut keys for entering BIOS settings for computers of various brands


Nowadays, more and more users use USB flash disk instead of optical disk to reinstall the system. It is convenient and fast to use USB flash disk, but you need to enter the BIOS to set the startup item. For novices, different brands of computers have different ways to enter the BIOS. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the shortcut keys for mainstream computers to enter the BIOS.

  Shortcut keys for each brand of computer to enter BIOS settings:

1. After inserting the USB flash disk into the computer, press the hotkey to start BIOS settings.

2. After starting the BIOS settings, select USB as the computer boot disk, save the settings and exit to restart the computer.

3. After restarting the computer, it will automatically recognize that the USB flash disk is started, and then enter the USB flash disk interface to reinstall the computer system.