How do computer browsers switch between different kernel modes to browse web pages


How to switch between different kernel modes to browse web pages:

1. Open the web page that only supports IE kernel, and when logging in, it will prompt “only supports IE6.0 and above”;


2. Click the lightning icon on the far right of the address bar to switch to compatibility mode (suitable for websites that only support IE);


3. You can see that the icon of lightning becomes the icon of ie. after refreshing the page, you can click to log in without pop-up prompt;


4. When switching, you will find another one is edge mode (under win10 system). Edge mode is the kernel used by Microsoft’s latest win10 system browser edge, which has good browsing effect, but the current optimization is still different from Chrome browser. You can experience it.



Note: dual core browser is still a widely used browser. When we visit the bank or payment web page on the computer, we can switch the core mode of the browser to browse the web page according to the above method.

The above is an introduction to the methods of switching different kernel modes to browse the web. Friends in need can try it.