How did the error code 451 appear on the new HTTP page?


Recently, the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IETF) approved a new HTTP status error code “451”, which is officially interpreted as“Not available for legal reasons”。 Obviously, the emergence of this code means that the approval of Internet content will be more open and transparent, and the legalized management of internet order will be more perfect.

This code was suggested and developed by the “451 unavailable” group, which strives to make Internet content censorship more open and transparent, so the name of the group incidentally becomes the content of the error code. Now operators can provide users with more detailed reasons when the website content is not available due to illegality.

Previously,When access to a website is prohibited due to local laws, often “error code 403” will be displayed, which means “access is prohibited”. However, this code does not tell the user why it is “prohibited”. Now the appearance of “error code 451” gives a clear reason for this situation.

So how did “451” come from?

Why does the name of this group use this combination of numbers and is also used in the formulation of error codes? The combination of these three numbers comes from a book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This book is a classic science fiction published in 1954,451 degrees Fahrenheit is the burning point of paper, the novel tells that in the future totalitarian society, the main work of firefighters has turned into books, the spiritual food of mankind. At this time, the protagonist and young firefighter Gai began to doubt the nature of his work. The novel was successfully moved to the screen by French new wave director truffu in 1966.

however,This code is not mandatory, but depends on the wishes of developers and governments。 Although this code can roughly indicate the reason why such websites are “blocked”, it will not fully cover all the content. But at least the emergence of this code provides the right direction for the standardized management of the network.

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