How did I get rejected in the interview of tmall, ant financial and Baidu


I graduated from the network related major of the second ordinary university for 16 years, with working experience of two and a half years. At present, I am working in an ordinary private enterprise. Due to the hard injury of non-985 and 211 education background, the threshold for the university to enroll in large factories is far higher than that of the same year’s 985 and 211 graduates. As a result, I have experienced three start-up companies from graduation to now. I believe most of the buddies who have just graduated are very aware of the pain and itch of the start-up companies,There is no company that doesn’t pit. The so-called good company is a company that is not so bad

  • Background one month before and after February, I was lucky to get tmall, ant financial, Baidu and naver For me who graduated from ordinary colleges and universities, I was very excited to receive an interview opportunity from a large factory. Then I fantasized about the scene of receiving the offer. Maybe I was so excited that I didn’t take a good look at myself. I felt that I could pass the interview. After all, there was2 years working experienceWell.
  • Preparation process

    1. Brush interview questions, I believe this is a common trick of most small partners, it is necessary to brush the interview questions before changing home. The so-called brush interview question is to run through the basic knowledge related to occupation in the mind, for the great God level character can ignore this step, can be worshipped by the public is sure to have two brushes. My feeling is that when I first started looking for a job, I had little practical development experience, and it was very hard to look at the basic knowledge. It was just like when my parents came home for the Chinese new year, they took me to a distant house, and relatives introduced seven aunts and eight aunts one by one, which was hard to remember. I didn’t know how to connect all kinds of relationships. After several practical projects, it will be much easier to brush the interview questions. The starting point of the interview questions is to verify the candidates’ mastery of the basic knowledge, as well as the problems encountered in the daily development process. It is difficult to understand if you have not personally experienced these problems. So the interview questions are not for recitation.
    2. To understand the job related knowledge, the interview process of different large factories is different, for example, Ali from one side to the offer, naver China and Baidu do not accept electronic interview, they can only go to the company for interview and so on. Different companies and different departments pay attention to the point is very different, the only constant is the basic knowledge of the job. Therefore, on the basis of brushing the interview questions, it is necessary to study the position you are applying for, which knowledge points and application problems are involved, and then carry out targeted review.
    3. I read interview blogs written by all kinds of bigwigs. I subscribe to a small column – IOS interview guide. It’s basically written by big factory experienced bosses about some issues that need to be paid attention to in the interview. I think it’s still helpful after reading it. If you’re interested, you can take a look. Recommend a few big guy’s blogs, or someone will say advertising. Line Miaodao, Tangqiao, enjoy indigo, Baidu bestswift, nanfengzi
    4. Prepare a self introduction, a good self introduction is very important!!! Self introduction is a must ask in the interview process. The interviewer can simply understand the basic information of the applicant through this way. It is best to be concise and comprehensive, such as name, major, how long you graduated, how long you have worked, what role you have taken in the project, what you have done outside the work and technology related things, and so on. After all, many interviewers have been weak in interviewing It’s hard to bring up the interviewer’s interest.
  • Interview process

    1. The interview notice of tmall-tmall is my first interview opportunity for a large factory. I originally put in my resume with a try attitude, but it passed the first round of screening. I was very excited after receiving the call. About a day later, I spent more than an hour on the phone. First, I introduced the project I had done, my role in the project, and the technical difficulties encountered. I feel that every interview will encounter similar problems. This is the problem. Because I have been with three entrepreneurial companies, almost all products are stacked through the three-party library. Therefore, when I encounter this kind of problem, I really don’t know what the technical difficulties of the company are. This is a very minus item. Then I asked some basic knowledge

      • Message forwarding mechanism of runtime
      • How runloop works
      • memory management
      • block
    2. It takes three hours for naver China to complete an interview in English within one hour. There are nine basic concept questions and one program modification question. The first nine questions are still free of pressure. The program modification gives a code and then points out the unreasonable places and modifies them. I haven’t changed them. I thought I was too naive when I finished writing the interview questions. The interviewer explained the answers one by one with my answers. Although my answer was right, what the interviewer asked was to draw inferences from one instance and dig deeper until I couldn’t answer them. Finally, I asked a question about thinking and gave me half an hour’s thinking time. However, my thinking direction from the beginning was wrong. In fact, I am very satisfied with myself in the whole process. I think the last thinking problem is a minus item. Related topics:

      • GCD
      • How to implement the underlying class methods of timer ([nstimer timerwithtim) eInterval:repeats : block:] etc.)
      • The differences of KVO, delegate, notification and the underlying implementation
      • Main differences between struct and union
      • Thinking problem: situation: 20 owners, 20 dogs, walk the dog in the same place every day in the same community. The dog owner is absolutely smart. Once he finds out that his dog is a mad dog, he will shoot the dog with a gun when he comes home. No gunshot was heard after walking the dog home on the first night, no gunshot was heard after walking the dog home the second night, and many gunshots were heard after walking the dog home on the third night. How many mad dogs are there. Conditions: ① the dog owner can not directly find out whether his dog is a mad dog, but can directly find out whether his dog is a mad dog or not. Based on this, he can infer whether his dog is a mad dog. ② the owner will not have any conversation during the walking of the dog; ③ the mad dog will not be infected
    3. Ant financial service ant financial service is my most unsuccessful interview experience. When I suddenly called, I had a direct interview. I felt that I was not ready. The whole process lasted for half an hour. I feel like I’ve been chatting for half an hour. Maybe the interviewer asked me questions out of politeness. Related issues:

      • New features of IOS 11
      • Click the application icon to start the whole process of the application, what is the operation of the system
      • Swift related knowledge
      • Payment process of Apple pay
    4. Baidu this interview impressed the most, received the interview call very happy, but Baidu does not accept the telephone, must go to the company interview. I am in Chengdu, very tangled, but I think the opportunity is not easy, decided to buy a ticket to Beijing on Friday for the interview, although did not pass the interview, but still cherish this interview experience, at least I try to seize this opportunity. First round interview:

      • Write a program to determine whether the IP address entered in the text box is legal
      • +Implementation logic of
      • Knowledge of runtime
      • Usage scenarios of autorelease
      • Lock management for plist read / write operations
      • Nsnotification implementation logic, the sub thread sends the notification to the main thread, whether the main thread will process the notification
      • How does the compiler detect the problem of multiple times of ා import and ා include import? How to set the three-party library import“”and<>
The second round of interview: the first round of interview passed, and the second round of interview basically asked questions about business and performance. However, these are my weak points. Here I would like to emphasize my excuse - the start-up company has been staying for a long time and does not pay much attention to the business and performance. This is a hard injury. Asked questions about componentization, how to fix online jams, crashes, project structure, etc.

**The deepest impression: the boss of the big factory is really cool and polite! * *
  • In conclusion, well, it is under the premise of such careful preparation that I am still being brushed. Is it ironic to see here? In fact, I feel ridicule myself. It’s like being thrown cold water when I am extremely excited. What does that mean? If there is no solid foundation, a month’s surprise attack is far from enough. What you memorize is not your own. The truth is to apply what you have learned. An interview is an opportunity for self-examination. Start up companies need people who can do things, big factories need people who can do things; start-up companies need people who can do things; start-up companies need projects that can run smoothly and stably, etc. If you really want to do technology, don’t be satisfied with the status quo. The work experience of screen start-up company can’t meet the requirements of large factories, and we should learn from them outside of workinterestIs the most important, after all, learning what you are interested in will not be so hard. Therefore, the revolution has not yet been successful, we still need to work hard! Everybody, come on!  Note: resume items must write their own familiar, knowledge points to understand is to understand, do not write proficient, otherwise big men will ask you to cry!


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How did I get rejected in the interview of tmall, ant financial and Baidu

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