How can win10 download and use the control panel upgrade?


Control panel plus (control panel plus): a system setup optimization software, which can easily adjust the hidden settings of windows. The use method is very simple. Check it in the control panel plus windowMeans enabled, not selectedOn behalf of disabled, hover over the text – you can get help. Let’s take a look at the download and use of the software.

Step 1: obtain the control panel plus compressed file.

Download control panel plus. Of course, we directly provide the download of the software.

Software name:
Control panel plus v3 0.0 green free
Software size:
Update time:
2019-06-11Download now

Step 2: unzip the control panel plus compressed file.

Find the control panel plus compressed file and unzip it;

Step 3: how to use control panel plus

Click in the extracted folder:Control Panel Plus… Documents;

Click to open the control panel plus 3.0.0 window. In the window,We can see that applications are divided into four categories:

It’s about experience, performance, safety and procedures.

The experience involved:10 items such as Xiaona and onedrive;

In terms of performance:9 items including super fetch and system maintenance;

Safety concerns include:9 items including windows update and windows defender;

The procedures include:Check and update, visit the official website, etc.

How to use: check ☑ Indicates enabled, unchecked □ indicates disabled.

The check in the above figure is the system default. If it needs to be changed, we can check or remove the check according to our own needs.

For example, check the ads and Xiaona that come with windows in the experience and exit;

A dialog box will pop up:Windows must be restarted to ensure that all settings take effect。 Click OK to restart the computer.

After the computer restarts, we open the control panel plus 3.0.0 window,You can see that the ads and Xiaona that come with windows have been disabled

Hover over an option for help

For example, hovering over smbv1 will display: if you do not use or understand smbv1,It is recommended that you disable it to enhance windows security

PS: about performance:

Super fetch – Super fetch;

IPv6 – internet protocol version 6;

Safety related:

Smbv1 – SMB (server message block) communication protocol, which was formulated by Microsoft and Intel in 1987;

NetBIOS protocol: it is an application programming interface (API) that can be used on the LAN. Its function is to provide the LAN with network and other special functions. Almost all LANs work on the basis of NetBIOS protocol.

The above is the method for win10 system to obtain and use the upgraded version of the control panel. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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