How can the computer prevent Autodesk application manager from starting automatically?


Autodesk application manager is a CAD software used for network office and CAD update prompt. It can download files from the cloud, then install and supplement the existing CAD. However, most people can’t use it. If they want to close or delete it, how can they close and start it. First of all, you can use 360 security guard, baidu guard and other computer security guards to turn off. If there is nothing in the computer, you can try the following method.

1、 Prevent Autodesk application manager from starting

1. In fact, this program is more an important update of CAD, a bit like a computer system patch. By default, it starts automatically.See the bottom right corner here. Double click the icon, enter.

2. Enter the interface of Autodesk application manager, under the “welcome” column, click “update”“Update software”。

3. Here is the updated content. If you like it and want to update it, check it, and then click the one on the right““Install”That’s it. However, for most people, this update seems to be of little significance, so it can be banned.

4. Click on theset up”,Enter the personalized settings.

5. If you like automatic update, you can set the time of automatic update. If you don’t like it, you will“Start automatically when you log on to your computer”Remove the previous tick and click““Confirm”.

6. If you want to transfer files or save them, click“writingTo change the file location, click“determine”。

7. If you want to transfer files, click the“input”, or “output”. Of course, if you don’t like this software, you can uninstall it.

2、 How to uninstall Autodesk Application Manager

1. To uninstall, click“start”, click“All programs”, find“autodesk”, click open, under its directory, find“Autodesk application manager”。

2. Right click on Autodesk application manager and select“Uninstall this software, you can unload it, however, if you pursue the ultimate, or want to further use CAD, deeper use, you can not unload it.

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