How can sublime text copy the cursor line and insert it before the line?


When editing sublime text code, according to your own needs, before inserting the line in which the cursor is located, how to implement it? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Sublime text 3-4 (code editor) v4.0.0.4086 cracking Chinese Special Edition
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2020-09-17Download now

1. In the current code, click the mouse before the code.

2. In this line of code, what can be displayed is the change from 3 to, and the insertion is displayedThe mouse display is shown.

3. Click in the click menu““Edit”Just click on the menu.

4. After clicking the edit menu, a drop-down menu will pop up to select as“That’s ok”Here’s the menu.

5. After selecting a row, the next level menu will pop up to summarize and select as“Copy the line of the cursor and insert it before the line”Options for.

6. You can see that the code that copied the cursor is inserted in the cursor.

That’s how sublime text copies the current cursor line and inserts it before the line. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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