How can scratch3.0 lines be rotated and copied into colored circles?


In scratch 3.0, we can write a script to command the computer to draw all kinds of geometry for us. Today, we will introduce the method of drawing color solid circle in scratch 3.0. See the following for details.

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Scratch3.0 offline editor v3.6.0 free installation in Chinese
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1. Open scratch 3.0 software and enter its main interface;

2. Click the fork in the upper right corner of the kitten to delete it;

3. Click to select onerole, select draw;

4. Click in the drawing boardoutlineSet the color;

5. Draw a line;

6. Write the following script for the line,Pay attention to the pictures in the brushChapter,Rotate and repeat commands

7. Click the green flag to execute the program, and we will draw a color solid circle in scratch 3.0.


1. Open scratch 3.0 and delete the kitten;

2. Click to draw, set the color in the outline and draw a straight line;

3. Add script to line;

4. Execute the program and draw a colored solid circle.

The above is the drawing method of scratch 3.0 circle. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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