How can scratch realize the kitten to follow the circular path?


A small animation can be made in scratch. We can add script to the kitten and let the kitten draw a red circle for us. See the introduction below for details.

Software name:
Scratch3.0 offline editor v3.4.0 free installation in Chinese
Software size:

1. Open scratch to enter its main interface;

2. Click event, add when green flag is clickedOrder;

3. Click the brush to addEmpty order

4, addOrder to set pen to paper, and set the thickness and color of the brush;

5, clickSports,Add move 1 step command;

6, addRotate 1 degree command

7. Add repeatThe 360 order

8, clickGreen flag execution procedure;

9. The kitten drew a red circle for us.

10. Method summary: first define the thickness and color of the brush, and then draw the circle by letting the kitten move 1 step and turn right 1 degree.

The above is the tutorial of scratch to realize the kitten following the circular path. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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