How can scratch 3.0 quickly clone hearts and form hollow figures?


In scratch 3.0, in addition to using small painters to draw various patterns, we use the cloning function to draw love to make it easier. If we want to use the cloning function to copy the heart shape, let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Scratch 3.0 offline Edition (children programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version
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2020-02-21Download now

1. Open the graphic programming software scratch3.0

2. We need to use cloning to draw love here, so we can find a love character from the database. There is no love in the database. We can also search for a picture of love from the Internet

3. Create two love characters. One is hollow. You can directly search the hollow love image and upload it,You can also make your own pictures。 The size of this love needs to be set larger

4. Another love character needs to be solid. We paint it in red and set it into a smaller love

5、This great love, we just need to clone it and form a circle around itSo you don’t need to show it on the stage. Add a script here,Set it to 99, which is equivalent to transparency

6. Edit the code in the solid heart. First define position, size, direction, etc

7. Repeated clone of little love.Note that the number of clones is not fixedYou can test it by yourself. If the number is less, it will not surround the love. If the number is more, it will be repeated. In addition, we must pay attention to the right direction of cloning

8. Start the clone and let the clone move until it touches the hollow love

9. After executing the program, our love will be drawn, but the ontological love is still in the middle. At this time, we need to hide it after the cloning of ontology love


1. Open the program

2. Create 2 loving roles

3. Set the size of the character

4. Edit code

5. Execute the program and check the effect

The above is scratch 3.0 fast clone heart skills, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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