How can Mac users clean up cookies in Safari browser


Cookies record the traces of users browsing the web, so cleaning cookies is an important way to protect our privacy. How should Mac users clean cookies in Safari browser?

To clean up Safari browser cookies:

1. Open Safari, click the menu bar of safari, and select “preferences” in it.

 MAC Lion如何管理Safari浏览器的Cookie

2. In the “preferences” menu, select “privacy”, where you can set cookies more advanced. I won’t be wordy. It’s all in Chinese. Here, we continue to click “details”.

 MAC Lion如何管理Safari浏览器的Cookie

3. You can see all cookies left after browsing the web page. In it, you can delete cookies according to your needs.

 MAC Lion如何管理Safari浏览器的Cookie

The above is the way to clean up Safari browser cookies. In order to protect their privacy and security, Mac users should always clean up browser cookies.