How can MAC convert chm format file to PDF file for use


In the network, CHM file is a very common file format, users often deal with it, but it is puzzling that MAC system can not support chm format. This brings some troubles to many users. In order to be easy to read in MAC system, it is a good choice to convert CHM file into PDF file. What should we do?


  The first step is to download ICHM

To download the latest version of ICHM online, please note that Mac OS X 10.5 users need to download version 1.4.2. After downloading, decompress and install.

The second step is to convert chm document into PDF document

Open the chm document to be converted with ICHM, click file and save as PDF, select the save location and file name, and then click save.


This is the way to convert the CHM file into PDF file. Of course, this method is a little more cumbersome. If users have other solutions, they can share them with us.