How can Linux / AIX use commands to check the space occupied by subdirectories of a directory?


The purpose of this paper is to locate which directory takes up the most space of files when the disk space is full, so as to analyze the causes of insufficient space

1. Log in the system host to be viewed through SSH or telnet with xshell or other terminal software

2. Passdf -hl (Linux) ordf -g(AIX) check the overall space usage and locate the directory with the most space

3. Then enter this subdirectory and executedu -ks |sort -rn |moreUse space to display subdirectories from large to small

matters needing attention:

Sometimes the lack of space may be caused by too large a file, or the number of files is too large. At this time, new files cannot be written. At this time, DF – IH needs to be used to check the occupancy of the number of files.

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