How can Internet of things solve the problem of security protection?


With the development of the Internet era, now it has entered the era of the Internet of things. The Internet of things is the Internet of things. The core and foundation of the Internet of things is still the Internet, which is extended and expanded through the Internet. Therefore, the situation of network security protection is still severe and abnormal. Any device that can connect to the Internet has potential security holes. And with the increase of Internet of things devices, there will be a large number of botnets. This provides convenient and advantageous conditions for hacker attacks.
How can Internet of things solve the problem of security protection?

Mohist security believes that the security problems of the Internet of things are as follows:

The first is the vulnerability that infrastructure system can be penetrated, and this method can be shared in a large range in a very short time; the second is that the cost of accessing the current computing platform has been greatly reduced, so according to the mathematical algorithm of TLS password, we can crack it by using violence tools; then we need to prevent the invasion of Trojans, viruses, DDoS traffic attacks, etc. Because there are a large number of network criminals trying to pass the firewall, and then use a large number of chickens to send malicious requests and carry hidden Trojans, viruses and other links, trying to steal sensitive data information and assets of enterprises, in order to blackmail enterprises or make these important information public to obtain benefits. Or make the server of the enterprise crash, and the business is in a state of paralysis.

In the face of Internet of things security issues, we have taken a variety of deployment:

1. Adopt SSL (TLS) valid certificate to protect the data transmitted, and take security measures such as login verification and identification for the user name and password entered by everyone;
2. For smart phones, scanning devices and other communication nodes, not only SSL encryption technology is used to access the devices, but also multi-layer password protection, such as self-designed digital password, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other security measures to prevent;
3. Restrict users to only open read-only access to some sensitive data information and system functions without inputting or configuring valid certificate credentials, and do not operate without authorization, and also have access records.
4. Install hardware or software in a safe area. Install and update vulnerability patches regularly, scan and check the whole system to avoid Trojans, virus intrusion, DDoS traffic attack, etc.

How can Internet of things solve the problem of security protection?

So the Internet of things controls all kinds of network facilities, including enterprise personnel information system, transportation tools, home intelligent equipment, electronic communication products, etc. by controlling the core data center, we are facing more serious network security problems, so we need to take preventive measures in advance.