How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology


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Most of the readers of this number should also be programmers or Internet related industries. The salary of computer major is indeed much higher than that of some traditional engineering majors. Even the salary of many fresh graduates is higher than that of people who have worked in traditional industries for more than ten years. This is not a small number. As for how long this phenomenon can last, I do not know.

However, high income will inevitably attract a large number of students who have changed their majors and professions to enjoy the dividend of industry development in a rapidly developing industry. It is no fault. Last year, several senior high school students majoring in machinery and chemical engineering came to me to learn computer experience.

After all, one’s destiny depends not only on his own struggle, but also on the process of history.

The foundation of the third industrial revolution isInformation technology + intelligent manufacturing. Taking the express train of the times is the fastest way to personal growth.You should try to get first-class seats and berths on the bus. After all, the station tickets may be more and more crowded. This is probably a popular word on the Internet recently, “Involution”.

Come back, why can’t it be too realistic for me to write a single article about making money?What is reality? Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are inaccessible housing prices, crowded commuters, and three or four thousand rental houses in shilaiping. Who doesn’t want to live a smart life? You can simply read books instead of studying. Today, you can go surfing in Sanya and enjoy the snow in Harbin tomorrow. This is not my selling anxiety, but my real feeling in Shenzhen. I have experienced no money, so I want to make money.

Families have no choice, so they can only choose to change their families.

I’ve been thinking about ways to make money since I went to college. Looking around, found no skills, no beauty, I can only go to send flyers, Taobao brush, odd jobs…

So I gave up. On the one hand, I couldn’t wipe off my face at that time. On the other hand, I felt that the remuneration was too low and I didn’t have much growth, except to make myself more cheeky…


1、 Outsourcing dream dies

Later, I heard that a senior student did outsourcing to write app,Every month can have thousands of income, for a month living expenses of only more than 1000 points, this attraction is more than sister and so onThis may be why I have been single for so many years…

But I was a rookie at that time. I couldn’t write C language easily, and I didn’t know what the front end and the back end were. So at that time, I quickly learned all kinds of skills needed for outsourcing, including Java se, Java background and Android development.

When I thought I could go out of the mountain, I began to look for outsourcing. But after looking around, they found that it was so difficult. What they had to do was to copy Taobao and pirated meituan. In addition, the interface is beautiful and the functional requirements are complex, such as the following:

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

If this is done, I will spend all my spare time inside, and I can’t write such a beautiful interface.

The road of outsourcing, which has not yet begun, is thus aborted.

There are many such platforms. Basically, I have registered, such as:

  • Programmer Inn
  • Code Market
  • Zhu Bajie
  • Open source crowdsourcing

But after experiencing it personally, INot recommendedYou go up there. Why? Because the above outsourcing basically allows you to develop a small program, app and web page. This kind of development cycle is usually less than a few weeks and more than a few months, which is too time-consuming. Moreover, many Party A often change their requirements, which is very disgusting.

I don’t recommend outsourcing with low cost performance and learning nothing. Especially for students, the first task is to study. If you spend time on professional learning, the future return will be beyond your imagination~

2、 It’s not a day’s work that drips water through a stone

Although outsourcing is premature, I always have the idea of making money by technology. It’s not lack of money. Because I don’t spend a lot of money on my life, and I seldom buy online, so more than 1000 points a month is more than enough.

I want to experience the feeling of economic independence. I make money to send a red envelope to my parents and buy a mobile phone. It’s not the same.

I can’t help it. After the road of outsourcing died, I have been concentrating on learning technology and professional knowledge. Moreover, I have heard that many senior students get offers from big factories with annual salary of 2.3 million yuan. When I hear this, I can see the light! I’m sorry, I didn’t see the world at that time. I thought there would be a lot of money in the past ten thousand, but I didn’t expect so much.

So at this time, my learning goal changed from the initial outsourcing to going to a large factory! Then I found several senior students who got the offer from Alibaba Baidu and asked them how they could go to big factories like them. After learning from the seniors, I started my own bat preparation road.

From then on, a student with a computer and a pile of books came to the study room of postgraduate entrance examination on the top floor of the library. Every day, he was the first to arrive and closed the library. Yes, that was me.

Later, because the computer professional books were too thick, it was difficult for me to go to the library with my back every day, so I found a free place for myself.

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

All around are elder students who take part in postgraduate entrance examination. Here, you can clearly feel the state of striving for the goal, which is contagious. I unconsciously spent a long time there.

Later, more and more books piled up on this table, getting higher and thicker.

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

On the way, I took a picture of the books together with my classmates as a souvenir. However, the books on this table are only a few, most of them are on the shelf in the dormitory. I’ll show you the collection of books I read in University.

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

At that time, it was really pure. I wanted to learn more knowledge. Read a lot of classic books, it feels like Zhang Wuji was Zhu Changling pushed down the mountain after the accident “Joyoung classics” and learned Joyoung magic.Although not exaggerated, it is true that these big black books connect my scattered computer knowledge to the surface. I can not say that I have learned Joyoung magic, but the growth is absolutely enormous.

So it is very important to find a good learning atmosphere laboratory and small team in school~

3、 Small gains

Later, with a solid foundation, I successfully got an offer from a large factory. To be honest, in October last year, after HR called to talk about salary, I was very excited and my family was very happy.

Nothing else, because my salary in one year is more than what my parents have saved in the past ten years. It’s not that my salary is high, but their income is really low.

Didn’t Premier Li Keqiang say that there are still 600 million people in China who earn 1000 per month? As we are on the Internet, if our home is not rural, we may not feel it or understand it.

But China is so big and magical. In some places, the snow is flying and the sun is shining in some places. Some people can spend hundreds of thousands of millions a day, and some people work hard for 1000 yuan a month. Strive hard and believe that the world will be better~

However, only I know in my heart that this salary can’t do anything in the first tier cities. For the house price of God, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Some people may say, you come from the countryside, what do you want to do with a front-line house? To tell you the truth, I really didn’t think about it, because I didn’t have any money, I couldn’t take the money that I had worked so hard to change a line of code, and then I could take on the mortgage for 20 or 30 years. It’s not worth it to me. However, if there is no house, there will be no sense of belonging. You will feel that you do not belong to this city. It is a floating feeling that you are here to work.

This may be that the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou can’t accommodate the body, the three or four lines can’t put down the soul. What’s more, Internet companies are basically in the first and second line, and they can’t find a suitable job at all.

4、 Over ten thousand in March

No, how to write it, I feel it’s wrong. I almost wrote chicken soup. Ha ha ha, I went to the bathroom and flushed my face with cold water.

Let’s go back to how I got ten thousand dollars a month in my junior year and gained the first 10W + in my life. In addition, this year’s has been more than 150000.

It’s also a coincidence. After I got the internship offer last April, I met a friend who introduced me to an outsourcing platform. However, the outsourcing here is not the kind of app and small program writing as mentioned above. Most of them are the homework of foreign students. Some of them can’t do it, so they will find someone to help or write for them and then explain them.

Why would I recommend this? There are three reasons:

  • Some of the courses are of high quality,We all know that there are many classic computer courses in foreign countries, such as operating system MIT 6.828, distributed system 6.824, compiler principle 6.035, Harvard computer introduction CS 50… In addition to these courses, they will have a lot of practice in many courses, including assignment and various lab. I highly praise this teaching method of combining theory with practice, but it’s a pity that domestic colleges and universities seem to like “theory”, and even 985 universities inevitably have teachers with PPT. So if we do these assignments and lab by ourselves,Not only make money, but also learn foreign courses, isn’t it beautiful ~ this is my dream of outsourcing!
  • High cost performance,Because they are all foreign students or overseas students, so you know, generally it’s not bad money. Anyway, most of my hourly wages are around 100, and I’ve had three or four hundred dollars higher, but it’s less.
  • save worry,This kind of lab and assignment are mostly used to learn the principles of computers. They are not as disgusting as app. The development starts in ten days and a half months, and also involves various requirements changes. But generally speaking, I can complete this in 10 hours, depending on the difficulty of Lab. of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the charge. The more challenging and growing they are to themselves

How much money do I make here? I haven’t done detailed calculation, but there are 150000 and 600000 yuan. I started to keep accounts since last year, even in the subway and buses. I can clearly see where my money has gone

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

In December last year, I got the offer and I had nothing to do at home… I had a lot of time, so I did a lot of work and reached the peak of nearly two weeks. In fact, you will find that I spend tens of thousands of dollars a month. Do I spend more if I earn more? Yes, it’s not. The first time I made money last year, I bought gifts for my mother and installed air conditioning for my grandmother. Because she now lives alone in her hometown in the countryside, we all built our own houses, two or three hundred square meters, but we didn’t decorate them very much, because we couldn’t go back to live, so I only installed them for my grandmother, so I could have a more comfortable summer and winter.

Later, I paid tens of thousands of tuition fees, and my flesh hurt….

It also costs tens of thousands of yuan (it’s also very difficult to install natural gas in rural areas, and it costs more than 7000 to open an account alone…) I installed natural gas, water heater and gas stove for my grandmother, so I spent a lot of money last year, but I think it’s worth it. Grandma no longer has to burn firewood for cooking. She can also use tap water and natural gas. Now she has two chickens and ducks in the countryside, one cat and one dog, and a small vegetable garden. Up to now, I will give her money every month, so he is better than the average old lady in the village. The only one is the lack of company, no way, difficult to both.

That’s why I want to make money so much. I need money to give my family a better material life.

And again, what kind of fun did I do? What have you learned

  • The first is the file system,This device is very interesting. It allows you to design a file system, such as files, data blocks, directories, etc., and you need to provide interfaces for creating, reading and writing, deleting, random reading and random writing, and then mount them to the Linux kernel through the VFS (virtual file system) mechanism of Linux, and then you can use the system calls open, read and write These are for reading and writing on your file system. VFS is a mechanism of Linux, it specifies IO interface, and then you implement these interfaces, you can mount them on it. Through this thing, I deeply study and understand the file system, the reward is also very valuable.

    How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

  • The second is SVC,It is a version management system, similar to SVN and git, but it has made a lot of simplification compared with GIT. The core is to create branches, merge branches, roll back and commit. Through this, I went to understand the implementation principle of git in detail, and wrote a simple version of GIT, which benefited a lot and made thousands of ocean.

    How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

  • The third is the lock implementation of the operating system,This is to let you implement a lock based on hardware atomic instructions xchg and cmpxchg. This requires knowledge of inline assembly and assembly, which is hard core, hard core, hard core!!! After finishing this, I also solved some doubts about the implementation of the lock

    How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

  • There is also a web proxy,This is even more interesting. You need to write a proxy server in C + +, which is similar to the proxy function of nginx. Of course, it is much weaker than nginx,

    But although the sparrow is small and has five pieces, and the most interesting thing for foreigners is to ask the proxy server to prank on some pictures and HTML, that is, the proxy server randomly inserts some pictures and text into the response returned by the original server, because that day is April Fool’s Day… It’s really you, foreigner!

    How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

  • In addition, it can simulate the reliable transmission of TCP,This is more difficult. The awesome teacher made a website for you directly through TCP. Then you need to run several nodes to send messages to each other. The messages between them will pass through the teacher’s website, so the packet loss rate can be controlled through the website, and the topology of the node can also be controlled. The requirement is that you can make reliable data transmission based on this unreliable channel! This is simply a replica of TCP, timeout retransmission, ACK, sliding window and so on to me! Just as in the figure below, the circle represents the range you can reach. Different nodes form various network topologies, which can adjust the loss chance of network packet.

    How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

  • There are also many algorithms, data structure implementation, machine learning, deep learning, in any direction.
  • There are also video tutoring. I have done this several times, which is much more cost-effective. If I was one to many, I took the final examination review of the one to more 6-hour course “system programming” (that is, the course with CSAPP, very hard core), with an hourly salary of 500. I also took a one-to-one C + + data structure and algorithm student. In a semester, it cost 8000 yuan. I counted it. It took about 20 hours… The price / performance ratio is exploding. I don’t want to come to work if I have this kind of work all the time…
  • There are many, in any case is similar to this, in the lab at the same time, also can learn knowledge

Of course, not every lab has grown up for me. Some of them are simple. I just spend time making money and won’t learn anything. Before and after doing dozens of hard core code, wrote tens of thousands of lines of hard core code. I have seen a variety of foreign courses. Anyway, I think it helps me a lot.

Seeing this, you may want me to throw this platform out directly. There are many such platforms, and I often use two of them, but they all have certain requirements:

  • Excellent technology
  • Good education

There is a direct requirement of 985 and 211, but it doesn’t matter. According to my long experience, it’s useless for them to narrow the scope of screening in order to save time.

I say it here, not to advertise them. I think it is really good for students in school. After all, I can learn knowledge and earn some pocket money. Why not recommend good things?

However, I would like to make a few points. If you meet the requirements, you can reply “make money” in the backstage, contact me, and I will recommend it for you. The degree should not be a problem

  • Good technology,For example, if you are C, C + +, Java, Linux system programming, network programming, algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, etc., you must feel that you have learned very well and have the ability to complete the things I wrote above.
  • Sophomore, why?Because most of the students are still in the confused period, this is the best time to learn, first to accumulate good technology, foundation, of course, if you think your freshman technology is also very good, you can come to me, but I will ask a few questions to test you.
  • Have leisure. What is leisure,For example, if you don’t know what to do for a few hours every day, and you often spend time in B station, playing games and watching TV series, finding something to do is better than doing nothing. If you are preparing for the autumn entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination or other examinations, don’t come and prepare well. When I get the offer and have free time after the postgraduate examination, I can give it a try.

Note: the above three conditions are met at the same time, ha, or there are not satisfied, you can explain to me, also OK… But try not to.

What’s more, I just recommend a platform. As for whether or not you can make money and how much money you can make, it depends on your own technology. Anyway, I think most of them are good to do, and there are also basic homework for difficult ones. Such as implementation of BST, java basic programming and so on.

But now I don’t do it. Why?

  • First, because I don’t think it’s cost-effective for me. My hourly salary should be higher than this. Do a good job, the benefits will be greater.
  • Second, I don’t have time. Programmers, you know, although it’s not as high as 996, I come home from work every day, and it’s more than 10 o’clock every day. There’s no energy to do it. As for the weekend, I now use it to study and write articles. Just started to work, there is still a lot to learn. Learning is always the first, no input, work where output.
  • Third, a lot of things for me, not too much growth, become pure broken time for money, I do not want to do this.

So you might say, you don’t want to do it yourself and recommend it to readers? I didn’t say that I didn’t do it because I was busy and my work cost performance was higher.

But if you are still in school, and meet the three conditions I said, then you can not only earn some pocket money, but also learn some foreign computer courses lab, what’s wrong?

Of course, I’m just writing about my experience, and if I need to, I can get a line, that’s all.

5、 A little digression

I don’t earn a lot of money, and it’s nothing. There are a lot of big guys who earn more than me through competitions and writing articles, such as Shuai di. I also think that such things are worth doing for a long time, with growth and compound interest.

So now, in addition to my work, I still insist on doing two things:

  • Writing,Through the article to their own technology accumulation and experience to share, at the same time harvest a group of readers
  • Financial management is not about money, but about life,I agree with that. Since the financial management, I pay more attention to my daily expenses and financial planning. Of course, I’m not encouraging you to speculate in stocks or buy funds. I mean that you must have a plan for your own finance and know how to use some financial tools reasonably to maintain and increase the value of your property. Don’t be a moonlight clan all the time. Saving money really brings a great sense of security!There are risks in the stock market, so you should be cautious when entering the market.

With all that said, one last word, if you’re a technical person,We must love technology and try to learn it well. This is the basis for technical people to eat!

Finally, let’s have a position chart, so as not to be told that I just made up a story

How can I earn tens of thousands of dollars in college and gain the first 10W in my life by pure technology

This is part of the fund~

One last word (for attention)

This article is written for nothing else. I feel that I have made money and learned something through this, and it is still useful. I would like to recommend it to my first group of readers~

If you want to know what a platform is, focus on it“Programming North”, Backstage reply “make money”.

Even if you don’t do it, you are welcome to add my wechat backstage to communicate and make money together!

It’s not easy to be original,I hope the big guys passing by will be easyPay attention and watch,It’s not easy to meet in the vast sea of people~

I’m Xiaobei, a programmer with dry goods. See you next time!

(there is no message function for the moment. You can reply to me in the background. I will read every one~