How can deepin20 add new fonts? Deepin20 installation font tutorial


How to install fonts in deepin20? Let’s introduce four methods.

Method 1:

Click on the taskbar【Starter]

In【starter】Search for font manager in and run it.

Open【Font manager】Then click the drop-down menu button in the upper right corner.

Click in the drop-down menu【Add font】。

Then select the font file to be added in the pop-up window,Note the font file types you can use.

Wait a moment to install the font successfully.

Method 2:

Double click the font file to be installed in the depth operating system, and the font preview and installation interface will appear. Double click Install font to install.

Method 3:

You can also copy the font file to the directory / usr / share / fonts. The terminal executes:

sudo nautilus /usr/share/fonts

Operate in the pop – up file manager

Method 4:

Install WenQuanYi font directly in the terminal;

sudo apt-get install xfonts-wqy

The above is the tutorial for installing fonts in deepin20. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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