How can blockchain become the next Internet?


As the “opposite” of the Internet, blockchain is the new technology that is most likely to become the next development outlet. After the early barbaric growth and industry winter, people’s understanding of blockchain began to be rational gradually. Although there are still some people who regard blockchain and digital currency as a link, it would be too simple and arbitrary to regard digital currency as the ultimate goal of blockchain. So, after experiencing the bottom, how can blockchain become the next Internet?

The implementation and application of the so-called blockchain, which takes digital currency as the breakthrough point, is not the best logic and way for the implementation of blockchain technology. Although this way can make use of blockchain technology in the early stage of capital games, but in the long run, just limiting the application of blockchain to digital currency may bring more risks.

Because at least from the current development situation, we have not found a real way to make peace between mainstream currency and digital currency. If we only use digital currency to reduce financial barriers between different economies, but ignore the risk of lack of regulation, then the so-called blockchain application may not be the best option.

Therefore, despite the baptism of the cold winter of the industry, people’s infatuation with digital currency still makes the prospect of blockchain the next Internet not optimistic. If we want to really make blockchain a real Internet catcher, or even the next Internet, we must completely abandon the fantasy of digital currency, and do a good job in the R & D and implementation of blockchain technology. When the blockchain technology is widely used and widely used, and the gap between the blockchain and the mainstream market is gradually bridged, then the blockchain can be called the real Internet catcher and the next Internet in the true sense.

In addition to abandoning the fantasy of digital currency, blockchain begins to return to technology itself. By constantly enriching and developing blockchain technology, we can find more landing and application directions. If we only regard blockchain as a concept, and do not do the technology research and development of blockchain, then blockchain can only be a concept.

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