How can biological research institutes improve data security?


The Institute of molecular biology and Biotechnology (imbb), founded in 1983, is one of the institutes of the Greek research and Technology Foundation (forth). Forth consists of seven research institutes, which have provided valuable research results for the society for many years, and has become one of the top research centers in Europe.



Imbb is a research institute with multi subject directions, covering a wide range of fields of Bioscience, transforming research results into tangible social benefits and promoting innovation and the application of new biotechnology. Imbb has outstanding scientific achievements and the most advanced infrastructure, and is recognized as one of the most important advanced biological research institutions in Europe.


Business challenges


Imbb data center adopts a hybrid IT infrastructure, including physical servers and a virtualization platform, to support the operation of relevant research projects. Imbb’s research projects include structural biology, biotechnology, neuroscience, infection and immunity, gene regulation and genomics. These research data are invaluable assets for the development of modern bioscience. We must ensure that these important research data are in a safe state at all times.


But for imbb, ensuring data security is not easy. “The traditional data protection scheme we use takes a lot of management time to configure and monitor backup jobs. We hope to have a convenient and efficient scheme to protect our research data.” Yiannis, administrator of imbb data center, said.

Yunqi solution


After a period of test and trial, imbb’s test team immediately decided to officially adopt yunqi data protection scheme.


1. Unified management of web interface

The web-based management interface and process task configuration make operation management more convenient. At the same time, it also provides interface based capacity expansion and node deployment functions. The interface is simple and the configuration is clear. Users can quickly master the operation mode and configure backup tasks.



“What I value most is the ease of use of yunqi disaster recovery backup system. It integrates all the backup and recovery functions we want into a unified console, which makes the backup and monitoring task very easy. In the past, we might need to spend an hour to start the backup task, but now it only takes a few minutes to complete the configuration.”


2. Permanent incremental backup

Yunqi disaster recovery backup systemProvide imbb with permanent incremental backup function. After the first full backup, set permanent backup incremental data and intelligently merge backup points that exceed the retention policy, which can effectively save the storage space of backup data. At the same time, it is suitable for scenarios where full backup cannot be done regularly.



Yunqi provides imbb with high availability and high-performance data protection scheme, which makes the important data of imbb Research Institute fully protected. With simple and unified web control interface, permanent incremental backup and other functions, it easily solves the problems that once bothered imbb and saves at least 50% of management time.

User evaluation


“Vinchin Disaster Recovery improves data security via powerful, efficient and easy-to-manage functionalities. With the unified console and fast incremental backup,we feel a sense of relief to have our virtualized environment fully protected in a simplified way.”

“Yunqi disaster recovery and backup system has improved our data security with powerful, efficient and easy to manage functions. We are very satisfied with its unified console and permanent incremental backup function to fully protect our virtualized environment in a simple way.”

Yiannis Kouklinos

Imbb data center administrator

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