How can app realize fast flow realization? I think I found the answer


Recently, developers often tell me about some of the pain points they face when they realize their products:

  • I am a developer, want to do traffic cashing, do not know how to receive advertising. Casually found a platform, did not expect the click through rate and unit price is so low.
  • Access to a certain advertising platform process is extremely complex, audit information requirements are very much. There are many forms, but I don’t know which one is suitable for me.
  • The traditional idea is that if you want to increase advertising revenue, you will have to start to destroy the user experience, but these are the worst way to make the application go for a long time.

In fact, these problems are encountered by every developer. It is no exaggeration to say that many developers have to give up a product because these problems have not been solved. But are these problems really hard to solve? The answer is that as long as you find the right channel, the problem is easy to solve.

What kind of help do developers need from platforms?

What kind of help do developers need from platforms?

I think it’s the continued growth of products and the possibility of higher returns.

In fact, from the “new star boost program” of pangolin platform, we can see the ideas of the platform to help developers solve problems, and understand how developers can break the situation.

First of allFrom September 2020 to the end of December 2020On the basis of the 5 billion yuan special incentive for high-quality developers, we will provide an additional 30 million yuan for growth incentive to help 500 developers to double the incentive. We will provide up to 80% of the additional income subsidy for the growing high potential developers every month.

Secondly, the platform launched the growth lab, which covers the whole life cycle diversified product tools such as commercialization, operation optimization, data monitoring and analysis. It helps developers recover scientifically from the perspectives of expanding advertising scenarios, improving user retention and transformation, and improving product ROI, so as to help the product realize quickly and break through the bottleneck of product growth.

All kinds of help from the new star boost program will be transferred to developers, which will improve the realization and growth environment of developers in three dimensions.

  • First of all, developers are more relaxed than before. Through the new star boost program, developers can get all-round support for product capability and skill training,Get more diversified and comprehensive growth opportunities
  • Secondly, the participating developers can get real money benefits, and the selected developers can get up to 80% extra bonus, that is to say, the maximum monthly income subsidy for high-quality developers will reach 180%.
  • Finally, it makes developers feel more at ease. It not only provides developers with product experience, but also provides a full link ecological environment. Developers can better overcome the data island and smooth the transition to the next development stage. So as to realize the balance between realization and user experience.

If you are also faced with difficulties in development and realization, scan into the following app and sign up for “star boost program”

How can app realize fast flow realization? I think I found the answer

Developer’s evaluation of “star boost program”

I also talked to some senior developers about the “star boost program”. If you want to hear their opinions, you may as well take a look.

Social product developer aI personally feel that the service power of the platform is very important. After I participated in the star boost program, what impressed me most was the super intimate service that the platform brought to me. Compared with other competitive products, I heard the most professional buying volume and cash flow guidance here.

Tool product developer BPreviously, we have been suffering from the lack of a variety of open commercialization capabilities and innovative advertising scenarios, and we have lost a large number of users due to the rigid advertising presentation. After accessing pangolin, we learned the various advertising methods based on the platform, especially the incentive video, which expanded our new realization ideas. After this use, we not only get more profits for our products, but also effectively increase the user use time and enhance the user retention.

Photography app developer cI am usually busy and have no time to learn about product realization. In the process of using pangolin, I found that in the “developer growth center” applet provided by the platform, there are not only official lecturers who fully understand developers’ realization problems, but also offer courses of different difficulty for developers with different needs. So that I can use the time to learn some practical knowledge.

Mobile game developer DIn order to measure ROI, we not only need to bury all channels, but also have to bear the labor cost from the burial point to the statistical analysis and realization, and the input of data. This not only disperses the resources, but also limits the inspiration of the team. The ability of pangolin to provide data Kanban greatly saves our time, so as not to fall into the complicated data analysis and physical labor.

How can app realize fast flow realization? I think I found the answer

Although the above has given you a certain understanding of the new star booster program, you will gain more if you participate in it yourself. For developers who are growing up and struggling to cash out, the new star boost program is a worthwhile activity.

Scan to enter the app below to sign up for “star boost program”

How can app realize fast flow realization? I think I found the answer