How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?


How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

Aaron, a senior R & D Engineer for an Internet company, is concentrating on writing the code, “agent mode or decorator mode?”, Just after thinking about the key point, HR Amy came over and said, “Aaron, hurry up, there’s an interview. I think the resume is excellent. Go and meet me.”. Aaron is very unhappy. When he is about to find a solution, he is interrupted. No one will be happy, but he has no choice but to prepare for the interview.

When I got to the meeting room and chatted with the candidate, I found out why this person was so watery? Resume clearly written proficient in Java, but even the basic string builder do not understand. Aaron then asked a few basic questions, and within five minutes sent the candidate back. “It’s a waste of time for such a watery person to ask me for an interview,” says Aaron. After returning to his seat, Xiao Ming sorted out the problems again, and finally found his original idea just before he left work. “Well, it’s another night of overtime,” Aaron muttered from his seat.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

Is this scene happening around us every day? As the technical director, can you find a lot of hidden waste

  • More than half of the resumes selected by HR will be wiped out within 5 minutes of the interview

  • The time cost of technical interviewers is very high, and it will cause huge waste to interrupt their work process easily

  • Interviewers are often lack of preparation for the interview process, the problem is not targeted, at this time, it is very easy to recruit the wrong person or miss the right talent

Once the above problems are solved, the interview efficiency of the technical team can be greatly improved, at the same time, the recruitment quality will also be improved, and the technical team can operate more efficiently with more excellent talents.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?


Li Yafei is a senior engineer with ten years of R & D experience. He is also a technology-based continuous entrepreneur. He has many times of co-founder CTO working experience and many years of technical interview experience, which makes him deeply realize the huge waste of the above problems on the technical team. In order to solve this problem, Li Yafei led the team to build aRecordable, analyzable and repeatable technical evaluation artifact」——ShowMeBug。

Showmebug is a digital driven technology interview tool for interactive code communication, which allows users to experience the code interview popular in Silicon Valley as in real work. Through online written examination scene and online interview scene, enterprises can conduct structured, large-scale, automated and intelligent technology recruitment, thus saving a lot of interview time.

So how can showmebug help technical interviewers solve these problems?

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

Resume inaccurate

First of all, for the problem of inaccurate resume, we can introduce the online written test of showmebug to solve it. Through a set of online written test questions to preliminarily investigate the candidates’ technical strength, and then interview after passing the written test.

Online written examination can help enterprises to preliminarily screen out talents with the minimum cost, without the interviewer’s online gaze, without candidates coming to the company, at the same time, paper and conference room are also saved, and a link is all done.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

At the same time, HR relaxed the requirements of educational background and working years when selecting resumes, and used written test questions to evaluate the real code strength to make technical evaluation, and the results were more reliable.

Moreover, showmebug has a public item bank to choose from, and you can also choose team members to create a private item bank.

When it comes to online written examination, many people are most concerned about anti cheating. At present, online written test tools on the market, such as golden data and Tencent questionnaire, have no anti cheating function

  • Enable camera recording to ensure candidates are online

  • Record the times of screen cutting and code copy, and output report and score

  • With the integration of written interview, interviewers can review and communicate with candidates according to the code logic in the process of written examination

In addition, the multiple-choice questions of online written examination and programming questions with test cases support one click marking of the system, which does not require technical participation, and HR can independently mark the papers.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

The job was interrupted for the interview

After the written test, come back for an interview. The traditional offline interview is very easy to interrupt the engineer’s daily work, which is a huge loss for the enterprise. If you use wechat, Tencent conference, zoom and other software or telephone to do remote online interview, you can’t have in-depth communication.

Showmebug online interview scene provides a programming environment that can run code and is close to the real work scene. During the interview process, the two sides’ panels are synchronized in real time, and communication is barrier free. In addition, audio and video communication, online code operation and shared screen meet the communication needs of multiple scenes.

In the process of enterprise interview, the interviewer may need to explain the same question for many times (multiple rounds of interview) because of time conflict or temporary important affairs.

Showmebug’s online interview will record the whole process. Afterwards, the interviewer can clearly review the interview situation of each candidate, conduct interview review and score. Then compare the interview situation of each candidate to make the most appropriate choice.

Therefore, showmebug online interview function can not only avoid being disturbed in daily work, but also flexibly arrange interview time; It can also communicate programming problems in depth; At the same time, it also has byte level playback technology, so that the interview can be recorded and the results can be traced.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

I’m afraid of recruiting the wrong people

For enterprises, what they fear most is to recruit the wrong people, which is not only a loss of time and energy for the candidates and enterprises, but also the most serious problem is that because of recruiting the wrong people, enterprises miss the outlet and opportunity.

So how to identify exactly who you want?

A while ago, musk, the iron man of Silicon Valley, when recruiting members of the artificial intelligence team for Tesla, said: even if you don’t have a university degree, it won’t stop you from working for Tesla. Musk doesn’t care about his education, but he can’t give in to one thingAll candidates must pass the core coding test.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?

In fact, this is the core of precise recruitment of technical personnel: coding test.

Showmebug has two major functions: online interview and online written examination, both of which are designed to enable enterprises to evaluate candidates’ technical strength efficiently and quickly online. Showmebug core bottom layer is excellent online IDE, intuitive and powerful multi person online code exchange environment, 0% code conflict rate, delay less than 50ms, and support online code running.

This not only makes it easy for technical interviewers to use, but also makes it as natural for candidates to program in the interview process as if they were local. There is no need to worry that candidates don’t like code interviews and online written tests any more.

How can an efficient CTO improve the interview efficiency of the technical team by six times?


Showmebug, launched in August 2019, is committed to providing a new technology interview platform and technical talent evaluation system to solve the recruitment pain for enterprises and technical talents. So far, “showmebug” has helped 6000 + enterprises complete 150000 + interviews, and also completed the investment of Qiji Chuangtan, Yingdong capital, variable capital and Zhenge fund.

In 2021, showmebug always insists on creating a technical recruitment tool for real-time interactive communication code. It not only allows every excellent enterprise to screen out excellent candidates more efficiently and accurately through showmebug, but also provides interview tools for technical talents to program on site and discuss and exchange code with interviewers, so as to quickly show their code ability and truly achieve “less nonsense, put the code over”.

No matter you are a CTO or a leader of the team, as long as you want to improve the efficiency of the team and are willing to innovate, you are welcome to experience products, promote and apply them to your own technical team, so as to make the technical recruitment of the team more efficient.

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