How can a computer create a local area network by remote control software


How to create LAN by remote control software? To achieve this function, we must use a software. Radmin software is recommended here. Let’s take a look at the specific operation steps.

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Radmin 3.5.2 Chinese version shadow remote control
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Through the introduction of the subject, we can see that at present, all computers are not in the LAN. In other words, these computers are connected through the Internet and all have their own IP addresses. With the help of some professional remote control software, we can install client software and server software as required, so that we can realize the remote control operation between multiple computers at the same time, so as to realize a safe and closed “Lan” network. In this LAN, remote data transmission operations can be completed, such as file transmission, screen control, information transmission, etc. We will use an excellent remote control software Radmin.


Download the latest version ofRadmin packAfter decompression, you can find the server installation package rserv34cn and the client installation package rview34cn. First, install the server program. After the installation, select the “configure user access rights of Radmin server” option and click the “finish” button. Next, click “use right” in the pop-up setting window, select “Radmin security” in the pop-up dialog box, and then click “use right” (Figure 1). Then click the “add user” button in the pop-up “Radmin security” and enter the user name and password respectively to set a Radmin security account, for example, the user name we created here is called abc. After adding, select the account just added in the user list, and then select the control permission given to the other party as required in the permission list. Here we suggest that you do not choose “remote screen control”, because this will affect the mouse operation of remote users. After setting, click “OK” to restart the computer system for confirmation (Figure 2).

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Figure 1


Figure 2

Next, we will install the client program. After the installation, click the second “add a new online” icon on the toolbar, enter the IP address of the other party and the port used by the server program in the pop-up window, and then add the remote computer to the user list below (Figure 3). When a local area network needs to be established, right click the icon of the opposite host to pop up a function menu, which includes file transfer, screen control, screen view, telnet and many other remote control commands (Figure 4). For example, after selecting the “file transfer” command, first enter the Radmin security account created before in the pop-up login box. When the server program completes the identity confirmation, you can see the file management window divided into the left and right parts. On the left is the disk directory of the local computer, and on the right is the disk directory of the remote computer (Figure 5). By directly dragging files from one window to another, you can realize the fast transfer of files.


Figure 3


Figure 4


Figure 5

As for other control commands, they are very similar. I won’t introduce them one by one here. Isn’t it simple? If you want to learn more wonderful tutorials, please continue to follow the developepaer website!