How Android studio modifies the line spacing between codes


The default line spacing of Android studio is sometimes too centralized, which reduces the readability of our code. Here, I will introduce how to modify the line spacing of our code; Let’s go and have a look!

Method / step

1. First, press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + s clock in settings

2. Then find editor, and then find color & font under editor

3. Find font

4. We will find that the default theme cannot be modified, so we need to customize one and click save as Customize a name, and we find that the line spacing and font size can be modified

5. Then modify it in the box of line spacing. Xiaobian suggests that the line spacing should be between “1.1-1.3”. Here Xiaobian introduces how to modify the setting of cool black theme for you. If you are interested, you can check your experience

6. Finally, remember to click “apply” and “OK”. Here, the editor will also show you how to modify the font size. You can check the experience in detail

The above content is the method that Xiaobian brings to you about Android studio to modify the line spacing between codes; I hope I can help you!