How about OSX 10.10.3? Osx10.10.3 official evaluation


How about OSX 10.10.3? Is OSX 10.10.3 easy to use? Yosemite’s two previous upgrades, 10.10.1 and 10.10.2, are mainly bug repair and reliability improvement. This time, 10.10.3 introduces many new functions for the new system for the first time. In particular, the new photo application, photos for OS X, will replace aperture and iPhoto.

As previously predicted, Apple released OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, the first major update since OS X was updated to 10.10. OS X 10.10.3 started testing in February this year. OS X 10.10.3 can be updated through the MAC app store. Previous Yosemite updates, including OS X 10.10.1 and OS X 10.10.2, fix bugs and improve stability.

The experience shows that photosfor OS X is basically qualified, fast, and the editing tools are more comprehensive and powerful, but it also lacks many advanced functions, such as plug-ins, magnifiers, adjustable brushes, custom metadata fields, etc.

At the same time, the new system also integrates Emoji expressions into a single scrollable page, adds classification tags, expands the expression library, and even adjusts skin color (so as not to sue others for discrimination), and upgrades the expressions of iPhone, IMAC and apple watch. When configuring Google account in system settings, two-step verification is also supported, so a separate password for the application is no longer required. The force touch API is also open to developers to add force sensing gestures to their own applications.

In addition to the photo app, OS X 10.10.3 also includes a new Emoji selector, which integrates all kinds of Emoji in one window, and adds other skin color Emoji, additional national flag Emoji and Emoji for iPhone, IMAC and apple watch devices. Here is a detailed update. Photosphoto application adopts Yosemite style design elements, uses a lot of transparent and flat elements, and can be deeply integrated with icloud photo gallery.

Flat interface and translucent style design:

As expected, the new “OS X Yosemite” and IOS adopt the flat design style, redrawing the application icon, and the translucent frosted glass element effect can be seen everywhere. The overall visual experience is basically consistent with IOS. So far, Apple’s flattening is finally a bucket of paste.

Handoff – revolutionary cross device experience:

In the past, desktop system and mobile system are independent individuals, and it is difficult to communicate between them. If you are writing an email in the middle of “iPhone” and you want to go back to your computer and continue editing, you have to consider how to send that text to your computer. Tools like “pushbullet” that we introduced earlier can help users do this a little more easily.

Cross device phone and SMS:

It’s still around the theme of “OS X and IOS connectivity”. Now, if you have a call from your iPhone, you can answer it directly on your Mac or iPad, and you can also make a call on them. Similarly, SMS is the same as the above handoff feature. You can send, receive, reply and view all SMS directly on MAC or iPad without picking up your iPhone.

In addition, OS X Yosemite already supports sending recorded SMS similar to wechat. In addition, it can also send video SMS. And now, even if it’s a phone number on a web page, you can dial it directly through a Mac without having to go through your bag to find a mobile phone. There’s no good news for lazy people.

Icloud drive client:

Apple’s icloud service has been integrated into various apps before. It can provide synchronization functions for app settings and documents, but we can’t use it as a network disk like Dropbox. Icloud drive can finally make icloud look like a “network disk”. We can store any file in it, manage and create folders at will. It will automatically synchronize. The client supports Mac, IOS and windows. Finally, apple gives icloud what it should be!

Airdrop transfers files across platforms

In order to facilitate the cross platform connectivity of handoff, airdrop can no longer only transfer files between IOS. This time, airdrop on “OS X Yosemite” finally supports the file transfer between OS X and IOS that is widely expected!

Spotlight – Intelligent global search tool:

OS X Yosemite takes the spotlight tool to a new level. Now, spotlight has a new search box interface. You can not only use spotlight to quickly start app, but also search local files, contacts, calendar, email, information, dictionary, map, system settings, etc. now you can search all the apps and music movies on app store and iTunes Store. Of course, it can also search the Internet (Wikipedia, Bing, etc.). Spotlight has been greatly enhanced this time. It seems that similar third-party tools such as Alfred are in danger.

Maildrop, markup – Evolution of mail

In order to solve the problem of sending large attachments (such as high-definition video) in e-mail, Apple released maildrop. When you send a large attachment, the attachment will be saved to the cloud server, and then maildrop It will generate a secure access link, through which email recipients can access and download attachments. The working principle is similar to that of the large attachments in “QQ” mailbox. It seems that Chinese people think about these small features earlier and do them faster.

However, markup allows users to add picture attachments to the email, then make graffiti comments on the pictures, and then send them. Interestingly, it will automatically recognize the elements you draw, such as arrows or bubbles, and will automatically become a beautiful pattern. It’s a sweet feature, and apple has made it big.

Safari browser

Safari browser has not only changed greatly in appearance, but also has a new favorite page and tab page manager, and now supports many new features such as webgl, spdy, indexeddb, JavaScript promises, etc. The addition of the new standard greatly reduces the power consumption generated by safari. The official said that the same MacBook Air can play Netflix 1080p HD streaming video through Safari, saving 2 hours of power!

Notification Center

Like IOS, the “today” tab has been added to the “OS X Yosemite” Notification center, where users can view calendar, event alerts, weather, stock market and other information. However, this time, Apple has also opened an API to allow third-party apps to display information on today’s tab.

Instant hotspot – super easy access to the Internet with mobile network hotspots shared by mobile phones on MAC

IPhone has always provided the hot spot sharing function, which can share the mobile network of the mobile phone to the computer or other devices to access the Internet. Before that, you need to enable hotspot sharing on your mobile phone, and then go back to your computer to connect to the WiFi of the hotspot. Now instant hotspot can make you more lazy. Even if your iPhone is lost in your bag, you can directly find your iPhone sharing hotspot in the WiFi signal of MAC without turning on hotspot sharing. You can connect to it at any time without entering a password, which is safe and convenient. And when it’s used, it will also disconnect intelligently without wasting the power of the iPhone.

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