How about OS X Yosemite? OS X Yosemite hands-on experience evaluation


After a simple experience, let’s introduce the new features of the latest version of OS X.

1. Appearance: flat and more concise

Compared with previous OS X versions, the biggest change of OS X Yosemite is the appearance, which is equivalent to the great change of flat design from IOS 6 to IOS 7. While the visual effect is comprehensively improved, it is more unified with the IOS version, which is also in line with the previously speculated integration trend, which can be seen at a glance from the new dock icon.

苹果OS X Yosemite正式版上手体验

Flattened dock Icon

In OS X Yosemite, Apple makes the translucency of the window very exquisite. If there are windows partially stacked, you can see the color content of the following application or desktop through the window on the top layer.

The built-in applications of Apple OS X have also been newly designed in appearance and some details. Click the address bar of safari, and the URL in the bookmark will pop up below for quick access. The tag view can quickly manage the currently open website pages, as well as 12 frequently visited website referrals, which is also true on IOS devices.

苹果OS X Yosemite正式版上手体验

New safari browser new safari browser

The zoom in, zoom out and close buttons of the window are very similar to the red, yellow and green traffic lights, and the zoom in button directly replaces the full screen display in the upper right corner. However, when you exit the full screen, you can still operate from the upper right corner.

Double pointing left swipe the touchpad to open a new notification center, which is very similar to the drop-down display of IOS 8. Today’s summary and various widgets are added, and can be updated through the MAC app store.

The new spotlight search even allows you to directly perform calculations, exchange rate conversion, and find information from multiple sources such as Wikipedia, Bing, news and maps. The query results can also directly dial out the phone, send e-mail, etc. of course, you can also directly open the application through search like IOS.

In the mail part, apple added mail drop, a super large attachment sending tool based on icloud, which can send videos, presentation documents and even folders to each other. If the other party uses Mac’s email application, it is completely similar to ordinary attachments. If it is other applications or web pages, it will receive a link to download attachments, and each attachment can reach 5GB at most.

In addition, Apple has also added the marking function to annotate and modify email attachments such as pictures, forms and PDF functions. You can sign with your finger or take a signature with a Mac camera to add a signature.

2. Continuous interworking: unified computer, mobile phone and tablet

On OS X Yosemite, if you have a Mac and IOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, you will experience a new feature – what Apple calls “continuity”.

After all your devices are connected to icloud, MAC and IOS devices will “tacit cooperation”.

First, when the iPhone has a new call, your Mac and iPad will ring, so that even if the iPhone is charged in the living room, you can answer the call with your iPad in the bedroom; When your iPhone is still in your bag, you can answer the call with the MAC in front of you. Of course, you can dial out.

For users who experience this function for the first time, they will be a little unaccustomed at first, especially when they make a call, but then they can adapt.

Not just IMessage, all your SMS messages will be displayed synchronously on devices with OS X Yosemite Mac and IOS 8 installed. This allows you to reply directly to messages via Mac and iPad.

Then, there is a function called “handoff” between the two devices, that is, you can continue to work with Mac and IOS devices: if you create an email on iPhone, an icon will appear in the lower left corner of MAC, click and then continue to complete the email on MAC, and vice versa.

According to the description of Apple’s official website, handoff can be used with email, Safari, pages, numbers, keynote, maps, information, reminders, calendar and address book. Moreover, developers can also add handoff to their apps.

苹果OS X Yosemite正式版上手体验

You can directly link iPhone as a hotspot and display the power signal

Finally, continuous interworking also includes a convenient personal hotspot connection function. When the iPhone is near the MAC (judged by Bluetooth, so you must punch in Bluetooth), click the Wi Fi icon of the Mac, your Mac can find the iPhone that can be used as a hotspot and connect directly, as well as display the signal strength and battery condition of the iPhone.


Since recent generations, especially mountain lion, the trend of integration of OS X and IOS design styles and functions has become more obvious. Flat elements have been added to this year’s version. Will the two become one in the future, or will users switch between the two systems like the rumored medium screen MAC or iPad? We’ll see.

Apple has greatly enhanced the collaborative work and connection functions on MAC and IOS devices on OS X Yosemite, which is very attractive to IOS users. It aims to promote the ownership of both sides, especially the transformation from iPhone users to potential Mac users.

For those users who are using a Mac with a non iPhone, OS X Yosemite is a big driving force for them to buy an iPhone; Conversely, if users who are using iPhone want to get a more interesting and useful experience between computers, a Mac is also a necessary choice.