hot wire! GitHub officially released app!


Great news! GitHub officially released app!

This news is very good for GitHub users, GitHub finally ushered in the official version of the app

GitHub for mobile (beta)

No matter where you are, GitHub mobile gives you the flexibility to move forward and keep in touch with your team. On GitHub, you can do many things without a complex development environment, such as sharing feedback on design discussions and looking at a few lines of code. Now, no matter where you work, we can provide you with an excellent local experience, making it easy for you to perform these tasks.

Look at the code and merge changes from anywhere.

hot wire! GitHub officially released app!

As a local application, GitHub mobile can even automatically adapt to various screen sizes in dark mode according to your device preferences.

hot wire! GitHub officially released app!

GitHub for mobile devices is now available in IOS beta – soon to be available in Android.

Let’s have a quick experience with IOS, let’s wait for Android users to admire it.

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