Hot! Front and rear learning routes of GitHub target 144K


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Last week, while appreciating teacher Ruan Yifeng’s science and technology weekly, I found a powerful learning route, which has been marked with 144K on GitHub. It’s very popular. It covers not only the front-end and back-end learning routes, but also the operation and maintenance learning routes. As a programmer, if you don’t know this learning route, you’ll lose a lot.

This learning route was originally drawn by the author for his university professors and shown to students. Later, it was open-source to GitHub, hoping to help more programming enthusiasts with the help of the community.

This learning route also has supporting video courses, including TCP / UDP, TCP / IP, HTTP cache, CDN, DNS, etc. Although it is in English, it is well produced and the viewing experience is very good. The address is as follows:

There are also graphic tutorials, including OAuth, character coding, SSL / SSH, design patterns, proxy servers, etc. the content of the article is not long. With the help of translation software, you can quickly master it. The address is as follows:

This learning route was originally only in English, but later Lei Feng translated it into Chinese. Let’s first look at the back-end learning route. The main line is Internet → operating system → programming language → version control system → relational database → cache → network security knowledge → test → design and development principles → message agent → container → application server → endless learning.

Hot! Front and rear learning routes of GitHub target 144K

This picture is really good. At first glance, I fell in love with it, as if my goddess Li Xiaoli was standing in front of me. Purple highlights what the author thinks, such as what is HTTP, how DNS works, how the operating system works, process management, thread and concurrency, memory management, IO management, basic usage of GIT, mongodb, acid principle of database, index and its working mechanism, OAuth, token verification, rest, CDN, redis, unit test, HTTPS Driven test development, elasticsearch, rabbitmq, docker, nginx, etc. are all knowledge points that a back-end engineer needs to master.

Let’s take another look at the front-end learning route. The main line is Internet → HTML → CSS → JavaScript → version control system → web security knowledge → package management tools → construction tools → front-end framework → CSS framework → testing → mobile application development → endless learning.

Hot! Front and rear learning routes of GitHub target 144K

Let’s enjoy the learning roadmap of operation and maintenance.

Hot! Front and rear learning routes of GitHub target 144K

With such a clear learning route, don’t you have to worry about what to learn? I believe your answer is yes. Of course, you don’t have to follow the above learning route, because the author is foreign, and there are still some differences between foreign development environment and domestic development environment.

For example, in terms of programming language, the author recommends JavaScript, which is obviously more widely used in China; For another example, in terms of relational database, the author recommends PostgreSQL, which is obviously MySQL in China.

You don’t have to worry, “I can’t finish learning so many knowledge points!” yes, no one can finish learning. What you need is a route, and then make a choice based on your actual situation and your future career direction.

The reason why I recommend this learning route is not because of how detailed the learning route is and how beautiful the drawing of the route is. However, after entering the field of programming, most beginners are often confused and don’t know what to learn. They learn a little from the East and a little from the West. When time passes, they find that they don’t seem to learn anything.

With this learning roadmap, you will be completely different. You can clearly know what you want to learn and what you don’t need to learn, and your learning efficiency will be greatly improved.

By the way, you can also give yourself a whole learning route according to the author’s way. Since this learning route has a 144K star Mark, it can show that we are very recognized and worthy of imitation.

Want to know how the author’s roadmap is drawn? The author disclosed it in the file. Refer to the figure below.

Hot! Front and rear learning routes of GitHub target 144K

Balsamiq is used. There are two versions of windows and MacOS. The download link is as follows:…

If you are a college student, you should have a holiday. The winter vacation is almost two or three months. Don’t waste it. If your classmates take advantage of the holiday to input a crazy, but you don’t, after the school starts, you can feel a huge gap, and then the pressure will be great. On the contrary, if you input one crazy, you can amaze all the students after school starts.

If you are already working, no matter how busy your work is, don’t fall into it, or take some time to learn new knowledge and skills. You can’t stay in place for too long.

By the way, post the Chinese version of this learning roadmap GitHub address:…

If you visit GitHub slowly, don’t worry. I have uploaded the original high-definition pictures of these learning routes to Baidu cloud disk. You can get them in the following ways.

You can take the opportunity to save the pictures and evaluate them to see if your learning route is biased.

At the end of the article, I recommend two awesome resources:

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