Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system


Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system

Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system

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Optimized patient treatment process

The system takes “serving patients” as the center, optimizes the traditional management process and medical treatment mode of the hospital through the process reengineering and reengineering, which makes the hospital more reflect the humanistic medical service consciousness. Through the establishment of all-in-one card (yinyitong) and self-service system, the treatment process is greatly simplified and the time and energy of patients are saved to the maximum extent. In the whole process of treatment, patients can use the medical card conveniently in the aspects of registration, treatment, payment, examination, physical examination, drug taking and treatment, and can realize the operation of appointment registration, self-service inquiry and self-service payment in the self-service terminal. At the same time, it is also convenient for doctors to quickly and comprehensively master the patient’s case data and improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment. This model has greatly changed the traditional hospital treatment process, provided theoretical reference and practical verification for the research and solution of the traditional shortcomings of “three long and one short”, and provided an ideal way to solve the intractable problems such as the difficulty of seeing a doctor.

Design of clinical information processing system

The system covers all aspects of clinical medical activities, and needs to integrate multiple clinical system data of the hospital. It involves the whole diagnosis and treatment process of patients, including outpatient, inpatient, clinical laboratory, auxiliary medical technology department, special diagnosis and treatment, clinical research and teaching and other clinical business. The system can collect the clinical data of patients comprehensively, which is convenient for medical staff to consult and use. The system establishes a complete medical record database for each patient, covering the whole process of medical history, examination results, test results, diagnosis and treatment, and can display the whole picture and evolution process of the patient’s condition, making the whole diagnosis and treatment process systematic and individualized.

Comprehensive hospital operation management

Relying on his information system: integrate financial, clinical, pharmaceutical, supply chain, administration, operation, service and other subsystems, establish data communication channels between information islands, and realize data sharing between systems. At the same time, the cost accounting and performance appraisal system can improve the level of medical services and the rational allocation of medical resources, effectively utilize human, material and financial resources, and improve efficiency, which are important measures for the hospital to actively adapt to the market economy and continue to develop and improve.

Perfect quality management system
  • Hospital infection monitoring and management: to improve the quality management and control level of hospital infection;
  • Adverse event report management: help the hospital to find the deficiencies of the safety system, improve the safety level of the hospital system, promote the hospital to discover the hidden dangers in time, and continuously improve the ability to identify errors;
  • Infectious disease monitoring and management: improve the data integrity rate of infectious disease reporting card, and prevent the occurrence of missing report and delayed report;
  • Antimicrobial monitoring: improve the treatment level of bacterial infectious diseases, ensure the safety of drug use, reduce bacterial resistance, improve medical quality and reduce medical costs;
  • Prescription review and review: to standardize the use of electronic prescription, improve the qualified rate of hospital prescription, guide clinical rational drug use, and provide safe, economic and efficient pharmaceutical care for patients;
  • Single disease quality control: improve medical quality, ensure medical safety, control medical cost and improve patient satisfaction.
Advanced public service system

The public service system is a health medical service platform for doctors and patients. It provides multi-dimensional integrated services to the hospital and patients through telephone, SMS / MMS, wechat and other network instant messaging technology, providing comprehensive services for hospital internal management, external communication, real-time exchange of doctor-patient information and telemedicine.

Comprehensive external system interface

The interface between business system and extension system is highly integrated, and the interface system makes full use of business data resources to connect with many external interfaces seamlessly. Such as: medical insurance system interface, new rural cooperative medical system interface, drug supervision interface, medical record statistics interface, medical statistics data reporting interface, etc. The automatic generation of relevant reports and reporting data improves the work efficiency and ensures the accuracy and authenticity of the data.

Good standardization and policy adaptability

The system design follows the international and domestic standards, including the 2002 edition of the Ministry of health “basic functional specification of hospital information system”, the Ministry of health “national health information development plan outline (2003-2010)”, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine “basic norms of hospital information construction”, the new “hospital financial management system” jointly issued by the health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of finance. Data exchange follows: ICD-10, ASTM, HL7, LOINC, SNOMED and other international and domestic standards.