Home wireless network troubleshooting record



Recently, the network at home is not very stable. The network is intermittent. Sometimes it can be connected and sometimes it can’t be connected. Try the method on the network, unplug the power supply, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it in; Press and hold the reset key of the router to reset the router, but it doesn’t work.

We called our network administrator and conducted the following troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting process

Log in to the management page of the router and enter 192.168 in the browser 1.1 or tplogin cn

Home wireless network troubleshooting recordHome wireless network troubleshooting record 

The first time you come in, you need to enter the router settings page

Home wireless network troubleshooting record

Router settings page

Home wireless network troubleshooting record

Three address location problems through Ping

Home wireless network troubleshooting record

  • First through the computerping, check whether the wireless network between the computer and the router is normal. The Ping packet here is normal, which can basically eliminate the problem of the router.
  • Then_ping, This is the DNS address. The purpose is to test whether the external network connection is normal. It is found that packet loss occurs every other period of time, and it is regular.
  • Next, the network administrator_ping, This is their front desk, their gateway.
  • After opening these three pages, I found that packet loss occurred in the synchronization of Ping gateway and external address. Then I was asked to connect to the wireless network of another household. After a period of observation, I found that there was no intermittent phenomenon. Then switch back to my network again, and the packet loss is still regular.
  • Then I looked at the adapter box outside the house, unplugged the connection port of the dial-up bus here and replaced it with another port. After observing for some time, I found that the problem had disappeared.

Home wireless network troubleshooting record

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