hold still! Five secret weapons “transform” offline stores


“The online world is challenging the offline world, but the offline stores will never disappear.”
–David bell, author of the store that cannot disappear

Will the store disappear? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of stores

In 2016, e-commerce developed rapidly with incomparable advantages in traditional industries, and shopkeepers of offline physical stores began to worry: will offline physical stores disappear in the future? Some stores are also full of related problems, and the future of physical stores is worrying.
hold still! Five secret weapons

However, based on 2021, time tells us that, as most people in a certain place answered: offline physical stores will not disappear. The reasons are as follows:

1. The buying habits of middle-aged and elderly groups are difficult to change, and they still firmly stay in the way of offline consumption. Take the fresh vegetables purchased every day as an example. If grandma can’t see whether the vegetables are fresh, they will never place an order directly. After all, even in physical stores, they need to shop around. The existence of this group (coupled with the aging trend) keeps the offline stores strong. At the same time, this phenomenon extends the first irreplaceable feature of offline shopping: the multi sensory experience of shopping. In stores, customers can directly perceive the texture and appearance of goods in their hands, effectively eliminate the hesitation that online shopping may face, so as to greatly reduce the return rate.
hold still! Five secret weapons

2. There is no substitute for the purchase efficiency of offline supermarkets. Suppose I was accidentally cut by a knife at home and needed band aids, then my first reaction must be to go to the nearest store to buy, rather than open my mobile phone and choose online shopping.
hold still! Five secret weapons

However, physical stores may face such a situation: purchase for 2 minutes and queue for 2 hours. As a part of the traditional real economy, offline shopping naturally has its own disadvantages:

1、 High personnel costs:With the continuous improvement of the national minimum wage standard and the continuous improvement of the wage standard of employees in closed stores, the labor cost will continue to rise;
2. Online shopping price impact:The rise of online stores has indeed brought a great impact on the real economy: the transparency and cheapness of prices have made the position of the real economy quite embarrassing;
3. Geographical limitations:Unlike online stores, which can “blossom everywhere” throughout the country and even the world, offline physical stores have a strong geopolitical nature. They not only need to select the store location, but also need to compete with surrounding stores for a few miles of customers.

How to combine their own advantages and disadvantages and complete their own transformation with the power of modern information technology. Five secret weapons of graffiti intelligent store solutions help the store industry break out of the “smoke of gunpowder”.

Reduce cost and increase income, graffiti smart store 5 secret weapons

Although physical stores will not disappear in the foreseeable future, the impact of e-commerce and the change of consumers’ purchase preferences all urge physical stores to arm themselves with science and technology. On the one hand, they must meet the simple and smooth shopping needs expected by consumers and improve consumers’ shopping experience. On the other hand, they must build a digital management system to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With five secret weapons of graffiti smart store solution, the market scale of smart store can be expected in the future:

The first secret weapon:Smart shop tour. Through mobile app or PC, you can visually inspect the store in real time, view and manage commodity display, employee status and store environment.

  • Display inspection: the goods are arranged neatly and richly without shortage; Comprehensive label information; Reasonable height and easy access; Freshness and expiration of goods.
  • Employee inspection: employee clothing and service status; The cashier’s voice is reasonable; The store’s Hawking service is full.
  • Environmental inspection: the store is clean and the aisle is clean; Suitable temperature, lighting, broadcasting and television; Pop and posters are accurate.

The second secret weapon:Store security. Graffiti intelligence provides store security solutions for chain brand stores with high security costs. Create an integrated security system through rich intelligent product ecology, realize the digitization of store security system, intuitive and controllable monitoring data, and intelligent security security has no dead corner to escort the operation.

  • Intelligent security system: a one-stop security solution with simultaneous interpreting and implementation. It realizes full coverage monitoring through different sensors, and connects with the perfect alarm and alarm system. It is especially suitable for brand chain enterprises to monitor and control the group.
  • Special security gateway: cost-effective simultaneous interpreting solution, which realizes full coverage monitoring through different sensors and connects the perfect alarm and alarm system. It is especially suitable for brand chain enterprises to monitor and control the group.
  • Automatic deployment and removal: through intelligent door lock, video monitoring and alarm system, access control, deployment and removal, anti-theft, life safety and environmental alarm are realized, and video playback and alarm video verification functions are provided; Intelligent equipment and security linkage intelligent equipment can be added to realize alarm linkage.

The third secret weapon:Store digitization. According to the results of remote digital store inspection, IOT equipment status, energy consumption, marketing results, store arrival rate and other indicators, the stores in the designated area are digitally scored, and the quantitative assessment basis for scoring is established.

  • Store analysis ranking: score the stores in the specified region according to the statistical data dimension.
  • Analysis of stores with a score lower than 80: give summary reports and rectification suggestions item by item for stores that do not meet the ranking.
  • Single store indicator analysis: you can query the scoring item details of a single store respectively, and confirm whether the indicator item is abnormal and whether it needs supervision and rectification.

The fourth secret weapon:Store environment monitoring. Place the wireless Bluetooth electronic temperature tag in the area to be measured to realize complete temperature recording without breakpoints. At the same time, cooperate with the intelligent on-off device in the store to monitor the energy consumption in the store.

  • Intelligent environmental control: monitor the temperature and humidity of the store. For the fresh industry, it can link with other intelligent hardware equipment to appropriately extend the product preservation time.
  • Special area management and control: monitor the temperature of the refrigerator in real time, alarm for abnormal conditions, and avoid food and drug deterioration caused by refrigerator damage, so as to avoid food safety problems.
  • Large energy consumption screen: make statistics and comparative analysis on the energy consumption of stores, monitor and graphically display the energy consumption of large electrical equipment such as refrigerators and lamps in stores, so as to realize unified management and save operating costs.

The fifth secret weapon:Distribution management. Because the distribution and receiving of stores often occur at night or at an irregular time, it will consume a lot of human resources. Active distribution can be realized by sharing the app password key box.

  • Bluetooth fingerprint key box: supports app, dynamic password, fingerprint and other unlocking methods.
  • App Linkage Management: Unlock record viewing and tracing, fingerprint management and distribution, one-time password or regular password change.
  • Smart cold chain: sampling a variety of sensing equipment and monitoring equipment to realize intelligent monitoring of cold chain transportation and distribution, and providing real-time location tracking, temperature and humidity management and other functions to ensure the quality of cold chain transportation and improve service efficiency.

Opening a new Bureau in the changing situation and seeking development in difficulties

From online store squeeze to fresh e-commerce war… Shopkeepers in the traditional retail industry are looking for the “moat” of the store industry. However, it is better to seize the opportunity of the times to seek the “moat”: use the power of the Internet of things to complete its own transformation, realize the combination of Online + offline, and make the information communication with customers not limited to one place at a time.

Appropriate strategy and timely innovation. Graffiti intelligence, through the merchant management background, focuses on the four key points of operation data analysis, digital management, store security and intelligent marketing, takes “Internet of things +” and AI as the technical support, and cooperates with professional retail industry partners to create a digital management system of cost reduction and efficiency increase. The intelligent store management system enables the store to realize all-round digitization and control.
hold still! Five secret weapons

The world is big, graffiti together.