HMS core document public test, prize collection! Everyone is the second season of experience officer activity


HMS core has experienced the development of multiple versions and opened more and more capabilities. Developer documentation is the first interface for developers to contact HMS core. In order to improve developer access efficiency and experience,

The product data team carried out the first quarter document experience officer activity in 2020, collected 1031 document problems, and greatly improved the quality of developer documents.

This year, the HMS core document experience officer activity was launched again in the second quarter. On the way of running, I look forward to walking with you! This activity will last for 8 weeks and invite you to experience a kit document every week.


Event prizes:

First prize: Huawei imagination tablet 2    1


Second prize: Huawei wireless headset       3


Third prize: body fat scale      6


Activity time:

April 19, 2021 ~ June 19, 2021 (8 phases in total)


Participation mode:

Tap the link below to sign up and learn more: