Hikari: a static blog system based on PHP


Hikari: a static blog system based on PHP

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brief introduction

Hikari is a brief, efficient and customizable blog system.

Hikari uses php development, you can use simple commands to generate a beautiful blog site.

Hikari perfectly supports markdown documents. When writing, you can use markdown to write all the documents, and then use simple commands to see the results of your works.

Hikari documents also support HTML tags. You can beautify the page by inserting simple HTML tags and CSS styles into markdown.

If you have the development capability, you can even customize Hikari to whatever you want.

Quick start

Environmental requirements

  • Windows 7 + / Linux / MacOS
  • php 7.4.1 +
  • composer 1.9.1 +


go toHikari’s gitee home page, clone the code locally.

$ git clone [email protected]:xtzero/hikari.git
$ cd hikari



$ composer install -vvv


$ php hikari s
Started develop server: http://localhost:8517
You can use 'php hikari b' in another terminal to rebuild dist files!



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