High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – AI + and + AI direction


High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – AI + and + AI direction



When AI hits the supply chain

Seven questions about how to use machine learning to do anomaly detection

AI application in medical industry should avoid “garbage in and garbage out”

Academician Ge Junbo: there are still four difficulties in medical AI from “watching, hearing, asking and understanding” to artificial intelligence

Five challenges of artificial intelligence application in medical industry

AI: a new technology subverting the medical industry

feed one ‘s sight on! 11 interesting applications of AI in medical and automotive industries

Five design points of AI imaging diagnosis platform

Thinking about the business model of medical AI products

Professor Yin Guosheng, University of Hong Kong: Medical AI ccf-gair 2019 in the eyes of statisticians

Large scale landing: AI security still has two major pain points

There are still several challenges in the application of AI technology in the security market

AI and machine learning in Finance: use cases in banking, insurance, investment, and user experience

Why is AI still out of reach in these four financial scenarios?

NLP and computer vision in those years of AI education, data shackles have always been a difficulty

Five ways of AI changing future education

enterpriseITIt can really be appliedAIThe place of

Five ways AI reshapes it

5 reasons to use AI in data center

AI era, the future of translation application design

2020, the present situation and future of intelligent container

How enterprises use aiops in their business

What will the deep integration of AI and cloud computing bring?


AI and 5g technologies help smart grid meet security challenges




Note: from January 2020 to July 2020


August 3, 2020 and Suzhou city.


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