High EQ answer


The Chinese New Year is coming soon. No matter how many people there are, family, relatives, friends and classmates will gather for a party. During the party, they will eat, drink and chat, and how many of them will talk about their own lives. However, in the face of some tricky questions from others, how can you answer them to show your high EQ? This is learned:

1. People ask you: can you drink? High EQ replied: I am only good at pouring wine.

2. People ask you: how much is your monthly salary? High EQ replied: about 40000 yuan (4000.0 yuan) less than 50000 yuan. (in fact, your monthly salary is 5000)

3. The leader said to you: it’s been a hard year! High EQ answer: leadership, this is what I should do. Thank you for your concern.

4. A girl at the party asked you: am I fat? How should you answer with high EQ? You should reply in this way: I haven’t touched the place where you should be fat and the place where you should be thin after all. I dare not say your fat and thin.

Developeppaper friends, have you learned?

High EQ answer