Here we go! Dragon lizard community enters the classroom of Peking University


Recently, dragon lizard community entered the classroom of Peking University and participated in the course of “Fundamentals and practice of open source software development”. In the first class, the technical experts of dragon lizard community introduced the general situation of the community and the practical syllabus around the dragon lizard operating system (Anolis OS) to the graduate students of the school of software and microelectronics of Peking University. In this semester, six technical experts from the dragon lizard community will introduce the students to the general knowledge of open source practice, share the technical highlights of the dragon lizard operating system, and organize the students to practice the open source development of the dragon lizard operating system.

Here we go! Dragon lizard community enters the classroom of Peking University
Photo / group photo of lecturer and students

Dragon lizard community also provides students with the opportunity to participate in the practical operation of the community sig group, and opens the machine resources of “dragon lizard laboratory” to students free of charge, which can be opened and used at any time, which is very convenient.

Professor Jing Qi, School of software and microelectronics, Peking University, said: “I’m very glad to invite the very active dragon lizard operating system open source team to participate in the course construction of our ‘Fundamentals and practice of open source software development’! The dragon lizard team provides a professional open source tutor team and rich course resources, which has been widely welcomed by the students in the team selection of this course. I hope to cooperate with the dragon lizard open source team in the open source practice course, publicize the open source culture and concept to the students, and let the students know We understand the process and basic rules of open source software development, so that we have the willingness and ability to participate in open source software development and become qualified open source software contributors. “
Here we go! Dragon lizard community enters the classroom of Peking University
Picture / teaching site

Openanolis is jointly sponsored by 16 governing units such as Alibaba cloud and Tongxin software, and is committed to building a prosperous ecosystem of open-source operating systems for the future. It is also one of the tireless pursuits of the community to cultivate technical breakthroughs and industrialization reserve talents of the core system and help industry university research cooperation in the field of operating system. In the future, dragon lizard community will gradually enter major colleges and universities to let students understand and participate in open source software development, cultivate their development ability and cultivate a force for open source talents.

Insert a small advertisement. In order to cultivate operating system talents, Alibaba cloud intelligent basic software team / Dharma academy operating system laboratory began the 2023 school recruitment! Details of the recruitment details can be entered in the same official account of the dragon lizard public number (OpenAnolis Dragons) in February 28, 2022.
Here we go! Dragon lizard community enters the classroom of Peking University


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Join wechat group: add community assistant – dragon lizard community Xiaolong (wechat: openanolis_assis), note [dragon lizard] is with you; Join the nail group: scan the QR code of the nail group below. Developers / users are welcome to join the openanolis community for communication, jointly promote the development of the openanolis community, and jointly create an active and healthy open source operating system ecosystem!

Here we go! Dragon lizard community enters the classroom of Peking University

About dragon lizard community

Openanolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals on the basis of voluntariness, equality, open source and cooperation. Dragon lizard community was established in September 2020 to build an open source, neutral and open Linux upstream distribution community and innovation platform.

The short-term goal of the dragon lizard community is to develop the dragon lizard operating system (Anolis OS) as a solution after CentOS stops serving, and build a community distribution compatible with international mainstream Linux manufacturers. The medium and long-term goal is to explore and build a future oriented operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecosystem, incubate innovative open source projects and prosper the open source ecosystem.

At present, dragon lizard OS 8.4 has been released and supports x86_ 64, arm64, loongarch architecture, perfect adaptation of Feiteng, haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Godson and other chips, and provide full stack national secret support.

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