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Recommendation list of Huawei technical team

A brief history of mankindYuval herali

The representative works of Yuval herali, a new Israeli historian, describe the history of human development from the beginning of signs of life 100000 years ago to the interweaving of capital and technology in the 21st century, weave science and history together, and expound the development history of Homo sapiens on earth from a new perspective.

Glory and dreamWilliam Manchester

As a classic book handed down to the world, it objectively and brilliantly narrates the panoramic picture of American politics, economy, culture and social life during the 40 years from President Roosevelt’s assumption of power in 1932 to the Watergate incident during President Nixon’s term of office in 1972, reflecting the ups and downs of historical development.

You should fly to your mountain like a birdTara westver

Education means getting different perspectives and understanding different people, experiences and histories. Accept education, but don’t let your education ossify into arrogance. Education should be the expansion of thought, the deepening of empathy and the broadening of vision. It shouldn’t make your prejudice more stubborn. If people are educated, they should become less sure, not more sure. They should listen more, speak less, be passionate about differences, and love ideas that are different from them—— Tara westver, interview with Forbes magazine

Does God roll the diceCapo

The story of quantum theory. Quantum theory is a very wonderful Theory: from the physical point of view, it has caused the most intense controversy and attention among scientists; From a practical point of view, it has brought unparalleled changes and progress to our society; From the perspective of the history of science, almost no history has been studied more thoroughly than the establishment of quantum theory. However, it is inconceivable that its basic ideas and hypotheses have not yet penetrated into the public consciousness, which undoubtedly adds a mysterious aura to it.

Guns, germs and steelJared Diamond

Why did the Eurasians conquer, drive away, or kill Indians, Australians, and Africans in large numbers, rather than vice versa? Why do wheat and corn, cattle and pigs, and other “unaffordable” crops and livestock of the modern world appear in these specific regions, rather than in other regions? In this pioneering work, Jared Diamond, an evolutionary biologist, revealed the environmental factors that actually contributed to the formation of the most extensive pattern of history, thus destroying the theory of human history based on racism with shocking force. Because of its outstanding value and importance, this book won the Pulitzer Prize in the United States and the Science Book Prize in the United Kingdom in 1998, And for the “New York Times” bestseller list works.

Algorithm (Fourth Edition)Robert Sedgewick / Kevin Wayne

This book comprehensively describes the necessary knowledge of algorithm and data structure

From one to infinityGeorge Gamov

In this book, Gamov introduces the significant progress in the field of Natural Science in the world since the 20th century in an easy to understand way. The book is divided into four parts. First, it starts with a random talk about basic mathematical knowledge, illustrates the relativity of time and space with rich and interesting metaphors, tells Einstein’s theory of relativity and the four-dimensional world structure, and finally discusses the achievements of human beings in the micro world and macro world.

Works of MuxinWooden heart

This boxed book contains eight classic works of Muxin, the reflection of Colombia, the Capriccio of jonmeca, the diary of Windsor cemetery, impromptu judgment, three Spanish trees, the journey of plain shoes, my lust and the feast of fish. Disciple Chen Danqing said, “Muxin really has this power. If you put it down for an hour, he will light you up.”.

Van Gogh manuscriptsVincent Van Gogh / Anna Sue

In this newly translated collection of Van Gogh’s letters, Anna sue of the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York has carefully selected more than 150 letters from nearly a thousand, and extracted the fragments of Van Gogh’s description of the creation and conception process of these works, as well as his unique views on art, artists, literature, religion, landscape and many other topics, With the paintings mentioned in the letter and the original letter as a reference, it shows a different Van Gogh to all who love Van Gogh.

The story of the RomansYanye Qisheng

Rome was not built in a day, as the first in a series of works, tells the history of Rome from the founding of the people’s Republic to the first and Second Punic War. This is the story of a long and suffering period, even in its heyday, it is often in a state of further retreat. The important reason why Rome was able to achieve great achievements was that it sprouted in these five hundred years. It’s like the power that a person has accumulated in his youth, and it’s only in his thirties that he begins to understand its true value.

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