helpctr. Exe is what process computer prompt can not find helpctr Exe solution


helpctr – helpctr. Exe – process information
Process file: helpctr or helpctr exe 
Process name: Microsoft Help and support center
Description: helphost Exe is part of Microsoft Windows operating system. Is a helper for Windows 2000 and later versions of windows.  
Helpctr not found Exe solution
1. Go to the Internet to download windows cleaning assistant software to clean up. After downloading, scan the system and click the “execute cleanup” button. If the software prompts you whether to “back up” the file, back up the file first, and then clean up some error files. If there is no exception, delete the backup file.
2. Then remove the startup key, click “start run” on the taskbar, and enter “regedit” in the input box of start run to open the registry editor. Click [hkey\u local\machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run] on the right, and [hkey\current\u user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run] on the right to check whether there are any options to find, If the file name and path of the option you are looking for are inconsistent, delete it, and then restart the computer.
3. Finally, if the prompt still appears, repair or restore the system. Of course, you can boot the system, set the CD-ROM drive in the BIOS, insert the first boot device into the system installation disk, and press the R key to select “repair installation”.