Hello, bulma( Blazor Component Library)


Blazor official profile

Blazor is a framework for generating interactive client Web UI using. Net

  • Use C # instead of JavaScript to create information rich interactive UI.
  • Share the server and client application logic written by. Net.
  • Render the UI as HTML and CSS to support many browsers, including mobile browsers.
  • Integration with new hosting platforms such as docker.

Using. Net for client web development can provide the following advantages:

  • Use C # instead of JavaScript to write code.
  • Utilize the existing. Net library ecosystem.
  • The application logic is shared between the server and the client.
  • Benefit from the performance, reliability and security of. Net.
  • Use visual studio to work efficiently on windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • It is based on a set of stable, functional and easy-to-use common languages, frameworks and tools.

My answer

During the group chat, a peer friend asked me what is blazor. Because he knew Vue well, I told him blazor“Vue is similar to using C # instead of JavaScript”He understood as soon as he heard it.


Bulma is a free and open source CSS framework based on flexbox, which has been used by more than 200000 developers.


Blazor is a new thing, because it wants to replace JavaScript with C #. As the saying goes, “node on the front end, blazor on the back end”. Bulma is also a new thing because it’s based on flexbox. After a difficult year of 2020, I feel that the time has come for them to get married, so I have bulma razor.
Why not bulma blazor, because it’s not nice! Two “no”, “no” two moms “no”, it’s too bad. Blazor’s grammar is still razor, and it’s all razor components, so it’s called “bulma Rui”. Listen, there are beauties and auspicious signs, and Bge will soon reach the palace of heaven.
In fact, there is another reason. There is already a package named bulma blazor in nuget library, f.. K!

Bulmarazor is a set of component library for blazor based on bulma framework. At present, all official elements of bulma are supported, and some extensions are also supported. Other extensions will be added one after another.
Bulmarazor is completely open source and can be competent for entry-level learning. Of course, it can also be used for free. There are bugsSelf repairI’m here to fix it. The article is published here. I also hope that those who are interested in it can participate in and communicate with each other.

Screenshot of some components












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